The Egg Albatross (エッグアルバトロス Egguarubatorosu?) is a large weapon transporter battleship and the fourth boss in Sonic Heroes and is the boss of Bullet Station. It is controlled by Neo Metal Sonic, who is disguised as Dr. Eggman.


Egg Albatross is actually an upgraded Egg Hawk. The Egg Hawk lays on top of a giant gold blimp. The blimp is mostly gold with severally parts of red on it, with three guns on each side and two propellers, one on each end. There are two wings on the bottom platform, each with three guns. Gray coloration mostly covers the bottom of the blimp. Egg Pawns help add more to the blimp's gun fire from the platform they're located on.


Boss Guide

This boss has three phases: the first phase deals with the undercarriage of the ship, which contains Egg Pawn gunners, a front cannon which shoots the same projectiles as Rhinoliners, and four blasters that emit projectiles like those of Cameron's and their gold-colored counterparts. After reducing one of the wings of the undercarriage from 40 HP to 0 HP, the undercarriage falls off into the canyon floor. The ship then becomes a blimp, just barely floating above the ground, with many spike cannons on each side and 50HP. The rotor is the only safe place to attack it in this form. Once the rotor has been destroyed, "Eggman" breaks off the Egg Hawk from the balloon and will begin to flee. The Egg Hawk in this fight is much weaker than in its first appearance (having only 15 HP as opposed to the first having 99 HP), so defeating it isn't too difficult.


  • The Egg Albatross resembles the Escape Blimp in Bonanza Bros., only here it is gold, has spikes and other add-ons that the Escape Blimp doesn't have.
  • The music for this battle reappears in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, as it plays during Dr. Eggman's All-Star Move, "Missile Madness".


Name Artist Length Music Track
Boss: Egg Albatross N/A 1:39
Boss Egg Albatross


Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Sonic)01:43

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Sonic)

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Dark)01:44

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Dark)

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross - Team Rose - Speed Run (0 24 98)00:55

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross - Team Rose - Speed Run (0 24 98)

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Chaotix)01:53

Sonic Heroes Egg Albatross (Team Chaotix)



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