Egg Ball No.2 (エッグボールNo.2 Eggubōru No.2?)[1] is the boss of Sunset Hill in Sonic Advance 3.


As the name implies, Egg Ball No.2 is a giant sphere piloted by Dr. Eggman. It is mostly gray with some black and yellow stripes on each of the sides. Both the Egg Mobile and Gemerl are located by each other on an arc of the ball.


Dr. Eggman will attack the player by rolling left and right. When in sight, the player can hit the cockpit to damage the mech. Hitting any other part of the mech will damage the player. A switch in the middle of the stage will make a platform appear to dodge the wheel or hit the mech while it is rolling along the ceiling. After six/eight hits, the machine will explode and Eggman will fly away with a damaged Gemerl.


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