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This article is about the first boss in Sonic Unleashed. You may be looking for the Egg Beetle Security System found within the Egg Quarters in Sonic Adventure 2.

Quotation1 As one of the giant robots Eggman created to stop Sonic, the behemoth beetle equipped with massive pincers, incendiary rounds, guided missiles, and more Quotation2
Description, Sonic Unleashed

The Egg Beetle, piloted by Dr. Eggman, is the first boss of Sonic Unleashed (second if counting the Egg Cauldron from the Xbox 360/PS3 version), fought in daytime in Savannah Citadel as Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite the name, it resembles more of an arachnid than an actual beetle.


Eggman is in the Egg Mobile in Mazuri, threatening the townspeople with some of his Egg Fighter robots to reveal the location of the Gaia Temple, when Sonic arrives and defeats his mechs. The hedgehog then asks the doctor of his presence but Eggman flies away. Sonic chases after him and gets his attention. Eggman, determined to stop Sonic, flies into the Egg Beetle and the fight has begun.


Boss guide

Wii/PlayStation 2

He attacks by releasing explosive boxes that roll over once, sometimes moving directly into Sonic's path. When he uses his bite attack, he takes down his shield. Boost into the cockpit or Homing Attack it to damage it. It is recommended to boost while in 3D because he will go flying. If the player has enough boosts, the player can hit him up to 3 times. If the player uses a homing attack, he will not go flying so the player can't combo him, but he still take damage. When he shifts to a 2D perspective, it'll shoot three missiles. The player must watch the order in which the missile engines ignite and then jump at the right time to avoid being hit. Then the Egg Beetle will try to crush the player once with flaming claws then it will get ready for another when he is in front of the player. If it is near defeat, it bites twice instead of once. The player must hit it with a Homing Attack when his shield is down. If the player boosts, the player, not the Egg Beetle, takes damage and must go through this whole cycle again. Once you hit him with a homing attack, you will go back into the 3D section. Do the same strategy as before to finish him.

Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

It starts by firing missiles and mines which can be avoided with Quick Step. Sonic must boost his way until he gets close enough for the Egg Beetle to snap its flame claws in attempt to crush Sonic in between. The player must boost again to smack the beetle backward and if the player's Ring Energy is filled enough, he can ram into the Egg Beetle for a total of 3 hits before it gets back in position. If the player has enough Ring Energy, he can almost continuously boost through the stage. If the player takes a while to do this though, the Egg Beetle will charge straight at the player in which the player can avoid with Quick Step. The screen will then shift to a 2D perspective and it will use the same attacks, but the player will have less room to dodge.


Sonic Unleashed (360) Egg Beetle "S" Rank01:33

Sonic Unleashed (360) Egg Beetle "S" Rank

Xbox 360/PS3 battle

Sonic Unleashed Wii - Egg Beetle S Rank02:17

Sonic Unleashed Wii - Egg Beetle S Rank

Wii/PS2 battle

Version Differences

  • The Wii/PS2 version is significantly harder compared to the Xbox 360/PS3 version as you can only attack Eggman at predetermined times when Eggman approaches you, he uses more traps before he attacks and more variety in attack. In the Xbox 360/PS3 version you can attack Eggman freely if you can reach him to attack.
  • This is the first and only time in the Xbox 360/PS3 version that Eggman controls the Daytime Boss, the rest of the Daytime bosses are controlled by what sounds to be Orbot and the Little Fighter robots seen in a few Night stages. The Wii/PS2 version features Eggman in every Daytime Boss.
  • Egg Beetle in the Wii/PS2 port has less hit points than the Xbox 360/PS3 one. The Wii/PS2 battle has six hit points, where as in the Xbox 360/PS3 version, the boss has ten hit points.


  • This boss uses the same body model as Egg Lancer.
  • There is a glitch in the Wii/PS2 version that when Sonic boost directly onto the Egg Beetle but bypasses it and overruns the machine. There is nothing to do but forcing the player to restart the battle (even if the players slows down).
  • This is the only boss on the Wii/PS2 version that can be combo attacked.
  • In the Xbox 360/PS3 version, it is possible to boost into the Egg Beetle one more time during its death animation. If the player succeeds, Eggman will say "I won't forget this!" before the results screen appears.


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