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This article is about the Security System inside the Egg Quarters in Sonic Adventure 2. You may be looking for the first boss of Sonic Unleashed, the Egg Beetle.

The Egg Beetle Patrolling the area. Notice that it cannot see Rouge as she hides in the shadow of the pillar.

The Egg Beetle Security System was implemented in Eggman's Hidden Base "Egg Quarters" in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.


This machine, completely incapable of being destroyed or harmed, was an ingenious innovation that Eggman had created to stop anyone from infiltrating the base. However, the only problem is it's one and only flaw: it cannot see in the dark. If Rouge were to hide in the shadows, she will be protected from any detection of this robot. There are two Egg Beetles patrolling the Egg Quarters at all times.


  • If Rouge attacks the Egg Beetle, it will immediately attack without any warning, even if she was in a shadow.
  • The Egg Beetle has to charge for every single attack, so after it has attacked Rouge, it will be unable to attack again no matter what for at least ten seconds when it is fully charged again.
  • Oddly, the Egg Beetle Security System was only implemented in Rouge's level "Egg Quarters" and not in the Knuckles' level "Death Chamber" which was also inside the Hidden Base. Either the Egg Quarters are in a different room, or the developers felt that the beetle wouldn't fit with the Death chamber theme, "deeper."
    • It's also possible that, since Knuckles infiltrates the base while Eggman is inside, Eggman may have simply turned the beetles off while he was in the base.
  • In the Dreamcast Version, when the Egg Beetle enters an area, the screen will pulse green faster and faster the closer it gets to Rouge then slower when it moves away. However, in the GameCube version, the screen simply flashes green until it is gone.

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