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Egg Carrier 2 Down

The Egg Carrier 2 being taken down by Perfect Chaos

The Egg Carrier 2 was the second Egg Carrier that Dr. Eggman had built. It appeared only once briefly in Sonic Adventure; he had tried to use it against Chaos in case he rebelled and refused to obey orders. Consequently, it was destroyed while attacking Perfect Chaos.


When Chaos retaliated against his former master, the Egg Carrier 2 was launched by Eggman to combat Perfect Chaos, though it never lasted more than a minute, as Chaos's powers seemed to surpass that of the new war ship. Subsequently, Chaos managed to obliterate the carrier with a single, powerful blast, destroying the Egg Carrier 2.

In other media

Archie Comics

The Sonic the Hedgehog comics from Archie Comics also featured the Egg Carrier 2 in a role virtually identical to that seen in Sonic Adventure. In the Post-Super Genesis Wave World, however, it did have something of an additional role in that it and the first Egg Carrier polluted Mobius' Great Blue Realm, affecting such areas as the undersea city of Meropis.

Sonic X


The Egg Carrier 2 in Sonic X.

In the Chaos Saga of the anime series Sonic X, the Egg Carrier 2 was launched to defeat Chaos, much to Sonic's irritation. While at first seemingly impressive, Chaos managed to deflect the attacks in a similar fashion to the helicopters, and blew the war ship out of the skies, sending Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe flying.

The Egg Carrier 2 has no major differences to the original Egg Carrier; it simply had a large number 2 painted on its flank. Possessing the exact same firepower and prowess, it was meant to be a back-up plan in case of any rebellion, such as Chaos.

Sonic Adventure

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