Egg Cube (エッグキューブ Eggukyuubu?)[1] is the boss of Toy Kingdom in Sonic Advance 3. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman.


Egg Cube is much like a Jack-in-the-box toy. Its box has Eggman's insignia on it and it is mostly red with gray stripes. Gemerl's head is located on the "Jack's" nose. Egg Cube is mostly gray with a blue ball in his ear. It has a red and yellow party hat.


Dr. Eggman with this machine will be on the right side of the area attempting to move forward. The player must stay in front of him and wait for the cockpit to come out; after that happens Eggman is free to be attacked. The Egg Cube will constantly shoot three Guards enemies out. Also, Gemerl is the "jack" of the machine and he will be launched at the character in either a rocket or ball form. Every time the player hits the doctor, the machine will get pushed back until the machine plunges into a bottomless pit and explodes, where Eggman will fly away with a damaged Gemerl hanging on the Egg Mobile.




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