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You may be looking for Egg Dealer from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Quotation1 The BINGO board is dangerously overcharged! It will send out an electric burst if you score BINGO! Quotation2
Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

The Egg Dealer is the third boss from Sonic Rivals 2. It is faced at Neon Palace Zone and is piloted by Dr. Eggman Nega.


Egg Dealer is an upgraded Egg Mobile with red and orange flame-like designs around the vehicle. It has Eggman Nega (who is disguised a Eggman) sitting in the machine's cockpit.


The Egg Dealer drops Bingo blocks. If the blocks drop directly at the player, they will take damage. Touching them spawns a large number of Rings and its number is lighted on the BINGO board at the center of the arena. If the player touches blocks which light up three numbers lined horizontally, vertically or diagonally, all of the blocks will disappear and the Egg Dealer descends to land, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Another way to damage the Egg Dealer is sometimes as the it drops blocks around the arena, there may be a stack of two blocks which gives the player additional height and be able to attack the Egg Dealer. Beware that sometimes the Bingo blocks explode which can damage the player in this case they will slightly shine red. When the Egg Dealer stops moving and charges up energy, the player must be prepared to quickly dash away to the left as it fires a huge laser in that direction or get on a stack of two blocks and attacks it. Hit the boss six times and the boss is defeated.


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