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Quotation1 A massive fish robot created by Eggman to defeat Sonic, armed with a laser beam and explosives capable of dealing quick and expansive blasts perfectly suited to targeting fast-moving objects. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Unleashed
Egg Devil Ray

Egg Devil Ray fight in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

Egg lancer

Egg Devil Ray in Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of the game.


Sonic Unleashed


Rooftop Run


A fish-like robot that can attack with its several laser weapons and fire numerous small energy shots.

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Dark Gaia Phoenix

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Dark Moray

The Egg Devil Ray (エッグ・デビルレイ Eggu debirurei?) is a robot that was created by Doctor Eggman, and is the third boss fought in Sonic Unleashed (forth if counting the Egg Cauldron from the Xbox 360/PS3 version). It is the Temple Guardian of Spagonia, unlocked by completing the daytime acts of Rooftop Run in the Wii/PS2 version and by completing daytime Act 1 for both Rooftop Run and Dragon Road in the Xbox 360/PS3 versions.


Egg Devil Ray has a similar appearance to a fish. It is mostly light-blue with several amounts of eyes, which are orange. It has yellow claws, an Egg Mobile located on its head, though it appears differently in both versions. The Wii/PS2 version is so blue, and hides Eggman from sight. The 360/PS3 is transparent, but contains three small robots piloting the machine instead of Eggman.


At times during both of these battles, the camera shifts perspective (3D, 2D, overhead). This change in perspective also results in a change of strategy, as it uses different attacks during these phases.

Xbox 360/PS3

Egg Devil Ray S rank - Sonic Unleashed *Xbox 360*02:18

Egg Devil Ray S rank - Sonic Unleashed *Xbox 360*

Xbox 360 gameplay

The Egg Devil Ray puts up a shield, but the player can still boostthrough it until it puts up an electrified shield after damage has been inflicted. It attacks by shooting lasers in various patterns. Respond as necessary. The camera will occasionally change to an overhead perspective, and the Devil Ray will fire small fireballs in various patterns. The player must simply jump over them. Sometimes, the perspective will shift to 2D, and the Egg Devil Ray will release lasers in varying sizes. The player must jump and slide when necessary.


Quotation1 Eggman’s creation greets you with laser beams from its wing mounted cannons. Fortunately, the cannons glow just prior to firing, giving you enough time to Quick Step out of harm’s way. When it drops its shield to retract its wings, Boost into it to inflict damage. Quotation2
Sonic Unleashed (PS2 & Wii) Official Guide
Sonic Unleashed Wii Boss 3 Egg Devil Ray (no damage, S-rank)03:46

Sonic Unleashed Wii Boss 3 Egg Devil Ray (no damage, S-rank)

Wii gameplay

The Egg Devil Ray starts by shooting a few lasers. Eventually, it will fire all its lasers, then lower its shield. The player must have Sonic either boost or use a Homing Attackit after this happens. Then, it will shift to a 2D perspective. The Egg Devil Ray will proceed to fire four lasers, which move in a circular pattern, and another laser that guards the Egg Devil Ray. Sonic must dodge the lasers and use a Homing Attack to damage it. Upon this, the camera will shift back to the 3D perspective. This process must be repeated until the shield is disabled. The camera will shift to an overhead perspective. The Devil Ray uses the same attacks as when it was fought in the 3D perspective, but additionally projects tiny fireballs. The player should jump over them and boost into the Egg Devil Ray when the shield is down. From then on it will shift to a 3D perspective, a 2D perspective, and then an overhead perspective. Each of these strategies must be repeated to beat the Egg Devil Ray.

Version Differences

  • The Wii/PS2 version is significantly harder and/or more time consuming than the 360/PS3 version as you can only attack the Egg Devil Ray after he attacks you then lowers his shield. In the 360/PS3 version you can attack the Egg Devil Ray freely as you please until he puts his shield up. He quickly lowers it though and you can attack again.
  • In the Wii/PS2 version the Egg Devil Ray is controlled by Eggman, but in the 360/PS3 version it is controlled by what sounds to be Orbot and the Little Fighter robots that are seen in a few Werehog stages.


  • This is the only Daytime-boss that appears on both console and handheld versions and that normal-Sonic faces that does not use the same body model as Egg Beetle or Egg Lancer.
  • It is also the only (Wii/PS2 version only) boss that does not have a bug-based model, if excluding Egg Dragoon.
  • This boss fight on the Wii/PS2 is the longest fight out of all three day bosses, due to the inability to use combo attacks.
  • This boss has the most hit points out of all three day bosses.
  • In the Wii/PS2 versions, this boss has eight hit points where Egg Beetle and Egg Lancer have six.


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