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Quotation1 Eggman created this mechanical dragon in his efforts to thwart Sonic, putting years of research into the hedgehog's movements patterns to use in its design. It represents the absolute pinnacle of mad science. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Unleashed

The Egg Dragoon (エッグ・ドラグーン Eggu Doragūn?) or the Ultra-Hyper Prototype-1 is the last robotic boss from Sonic Unleashed. Dr. Eggman developed it using the power supplied by Dark Gaia.

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

Upon completing the Eggmanland stage, Sonic the Werehog and Chip end up in the opening of a canal leading to the core of the planet. Eggman surprises the duo by revealing his latest creation: the new "Ultra-hyper Prototype 1", better known as the Egg Dragoon. The doctor promptly destroys the cover of the canal Sonic and Chip are standing on, forcing the two to seek a foothold on a chunk of metal. After a heated battle, Sonic manages to dislodge Eggman from its cockpit and disable the Egg Dragoon's propulsion system, causing the robot to fall and melt into slag in the planet's core. Eggman then tells Sonic that one day he will build an "Ultra-Hyper Prototype 2", moments before he is attacked by Dark Gaia and sent flying off into the sky.

Though it is unofficial, it appears that Eggman has an early design for the Egg Dragoon used on his Star Cruiser. The torso of the original mech became part of the Egg Dragoon's "head".

Mobile version

In the mobile version of Sonic Unleashed, a version of the Egg Dragoon that is powered by Dark Gaia is the final boss and is fought in Mazuri.

Sonic Generations


The Egg Dragoon in Sonic Generations.

The Egg Dragoon reappears in Sonic Generations as the Modern era's main boss. Heavily modified from the original version, this "Ultra-Hyper Prototype 2" version is modeled to outmatch Sonic's running speed, and is capable of displaying a wide variety of attacks while on the run (flame throwers, freeze bombs, drill projectiles, etc.). It has two cockpits: One located in its head, and the other in its lower-belly. Throughout the battle, Eggman toggles between the two sets of controls, attacking using the machine's torso and legs respectively. In addition, this version of the Egg Dragoon can split into two independent robots.

This time, Modern Sonic fights the Egg Dragoon without his Werehog powers.


The Egg Dragoon was one of the most powerful of Eggman's robots. Its thick armor made its body impregnable even against Sonic's attacks, and it possessed a lethally efficient selection of weapons. Its power source was supplied by Dark Gaia.

The Egg Dragoon's weakness seems to be the green orbs on its underbelly, as well as Eggman's cockpit.

Weapons and Abilities

On the Egg Dragoon's right arm is a massive cannon. Along the cannon's octagonal carapace, eight small barrels extend outward from the primary mechanism. These cannons rotate independently at great speed, launching a barrage of fireballs with every spin, similar to that of a Gatling gun.

The inner part of this cannon holds an canister of supercooled gas that Eggman launches in a concentrated blast in attempts to freeze Sonic.

On its left arm, the Egg Dragoon holds a long and gigantic drill. With a sideways wave, the drill can release a massive wave of electrical energy at the Werehog. The drill can also be launched like a homing missile at its targets, and can drill through the arena easily. Amusingly, Sonic uses this against Eggman in the QTEs of the fight, since Eggman's drill ends up striking the orb on his machine.

The Egg Dragoon also has wing-like energy protrusions on its shoulders that allow it to hover, powered by two gas tanks on the machine's chest.


  • "Checkmate, Sonic! Hope you've said your goodbyes!"
  • "Even YOU won't last long against THIS one!"
  • "Fire!"
  • "Bombs away!"
  • "You little...!"
  • "Heh heh! Here's one for the road, Sonic!"
  • "N-No! The controls won't respond!"
  • "Rrrgh! Lost control AGAIN?! Don't fall apart on me now!"
  • "Rah! Out of my sight!"
  • "Wha--?!? No!!!"
  • "Hey! W-Wait--! Stop! No! This is a delicate machine!"
  • "Wha--? NOW look what you've done!"
  • "Stay back!"
  • "What? N-No! Don't...! Waaaaaaaaaaugh...!"


  • In Sonic Unleashed, this is the only Eggman boss battle fought as Sonic's Werehog form.
  • In the cutscene before the fight in the Wii/PS2 version, the cutscene uses the lighting of the Wii/PS2 version even though it is pre-rendered.
  • The Eggman-piloted robot from the introduction of the game is similar in design to the Egg Dragoon.
  • If the player fails to defeat Eggman at the final QTE where he is thrown at the end of the fight, the Egg Dragoon will regain health back, but when the QTE is preformed again, the Egg Pod is still heavily damaged, and the cockpit's glass is broken.
  • The Egg Dragoon's elemental attacks in Sonic Unleashed seem to give references to the game's other night time bosses; the ice bomb refers to Dark Moray, the fire bullets refer to the Dark Gaia Phoenix, and the electric swing with its drill refers to Dark Guardian.
  • In Sonic Unleashed, when the Egg Dragoon is preparing to sweep the platform with the electrified drill, the word "danger" appears at the edges of the area to be swept.
  • The Egg Dragoon's power supply in Sonic Unleashed was energy from Dark Gaia; in Sonic Generations, this supply may be obtained from the Time Eater. Though, since the other bosses seem to be temporal distortions where the fight takes place in the same spot it did in its game of origin, the power supply may still come from Dark Gaia due to its being located in the past.
  • The portals the Egg Dragoon goes through in the Sonic Generations battle are similar to the ones the Time Eater creates. It is possible that the Time Eater was helping him during the fight, or Modern Eggman infused some of its power within it.
  • Due to its appearance in Sonic Generations, the Egg Dragoon is the only boss that is ever fought as both Normal and Werehog Sonic.
  • Since it was so heavily modified, the Sonic Generations version of the Egg Dragoon is often considered the Ultra-Hyper Prototype-2, or sometimes the final release 1.0 Dragoon.
  • In Sonic Generations, the Egg Dragoon launches freeze bombs from its talons instead of from the gatling cannon.
  • With the music for this battle was remixed for Sonic Generations, the only thing that was changed was the orchestra, which was removed.


Egg Dragoon S rank - Sonic Unleashed *Xbox 360*03:26

Egg Dragoon S rank - Sonic Unleashed *Xbox 360*

Sonic Unleashed Wii Boss 7 Egg Dragoon (no damage, S-rank)02:32

Sonic Unleashed Wii Boss 7 Egg Dragoon (no damage, S-rank)

Sonic Unleashed Mobile - Mazuri - Final boss - S Rank03:34

Sonic Unleashed Mobile - Mazuri - Final boss - S Rank

Sonic Generations - Egg Dragoon(Boss Battle) S-Rank04:08

Sonic Generations - Egg Dragoon(Boss Battle) S-Rank


Sonic Unleashed "Egg Dragoon Boss" Music05:11

Sonic Unleashed "Egg Dragoon Boss" Music

Sonic Generations Music Egg Dragoon (Generations Mix)05:54

Sonic Generations Music Egg Dragoon (Generations Mix)



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