The Egg Emperor is the third boss in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. Here, Modern Sonic fights the Egg Emperor, who made its debut in Sonic Heroes.

Attack pattern

This time around Egg Emperor is stronger and Hack Slashes his opponents. After a few rounds of hits and slashes, Egg Emperor gathers all of its energy entering the Cannon Deck and blasts five slashes at his opponents. He bounces in and out of the Cannon Deck field as you Homing Attack on the Cannons. After that, Sonic must get him to destroy all of the cannons so he will get closer enough for an attack.

After eight hits, Egg Emperor is defeated.


  • 1-Ring Boss: Defeat Egg Emperor in 6:00.00 with 1 Ring!


  • The Egg Emperor is piloted by Dr. Eggman, as opposed to Neo Metal Sonic who piloted it in Sonic Heroes.
  • This level is the boss for the Modern Era, despite Seaside Hill (another level from Sonic Heroes) being a level in the Dreamcast Era on the Console version.
  • If you try to leave the area (moving left) the Egg Emperor will do a forward slash that is unavoidable that will instantly kill you if you don't have any rings.
  • The Egg Emperor is also in a slightly different color compared to its appearance in Sonic Heroes.



Sonic Generations 3DS - Egg Emperor03:02

Sonic Generations 3DS - Egg Emperor

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