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For other uses of the term "Egg Fighter," see Egg Fighter (disambiguation).

Quotation1 A sword-carrying variation on the Egg Fighter, these units put the long range of their massive blades to work in an attempt to slice and dice their enemies. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Egg Fighter: Sword is an enemy that first appeared in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman and a variant of the Egg Fighter that wield swords in combat.


The Egg Fighter: Swords are identical to the standard Egg Fighter model. They have a torso in the shape of a hemisphere, with four flashlights arranged in a rectangle on their front and a flat cap-shaped head on top of it. They have relatively shot legs, with flat feet and circular ankles, and four-fingered arms that extend almost down to the ground. They are colored steel blue and silver, and have purple eyes.

Powers and abilities

As an Egg Fighter model, the Egg Fighter: Swords possess above average physical strength, enough to let them move barrels at least three times their own size.

Because of the being designed to wield swords, the Egg Fighter: Swords possess noticeable swordsman skills. They are able to wield swords with proficiency in close combat, where they can perform both fast strikes and devastating special attacks where they utilize their robotic physiology to their fullest.


Each of the Egg Fighter: Swords wield a single large double-edged sword with a cutting chain on the edges, making their swords resemble chainsaws and ensures lethal damage to their targets.

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

The Egg Fighter: Swords first appeared on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed. In the game, they are rather common enemies in the nighttime stages, though not as much as the Egg Fighters. Due to their swords, the Egg Fighter: Swords have a greater attack range and can inflict more damage than the regular Egg Fighters.

In gameplay, the Egg Fighter: Swords attack either by jumping into the air and swinging their swords down on the player, launching a short dash while slashing with their sword, or, in the nighttime Action Stages, stand on their head while spinning around with their sword vertically.

Sonic Generations

The Egg Fighter: Swords reappeared in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. They can only be encountered in Rooftop Run. Like in Sonic Unleashed, the swords that the Egg Fighter: Swords wield give them greater attack range than the regular Egg Fighters.

In gameplay, the Egg Fighter: Swords attack patterns are only swinging their swords at the player. However, if Sonic hits their sword while attacking them, the player will take damage.



  1. Description of the Egg Fighter: Swords from the Bestiary, Eggman's Machinery, entry 009/030, in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed.

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