Egg Foot (エッグフット Eggufutto?)[1] is the boss of the Ocean Base in Sonic Advance 3. It is piloted by Dr. Eggman.


Similar to the Egg Frog, Egg Foot is mostly green with black and yellow stripes on it. On top of it is where the Egg Mobile and Gemerl is located.


Eggman will be on the top of the area moving around in his machine. Stay between his legs and wait for him to come down, after that happens you can hit Eggman on the cockpit (twice if you are fast). Sometimes, Eggman will curve the Egg Foot's feet; when that happens, Spin Dash out of the way and avoid the shockwave by jumping. The more times you hit him, he will be move around a lot more faster. After taking 8 hits (Normal mode) or 6 hits (Easy mode), the Egg Foot will be destroyed and Eggman will flee.




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