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Quotation1 Guess they found out I escaped. Oh, well. Time to kiss this yawnfest good-bye! Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Forces

Egg Gate (エッグゲート Eggugēto?) is the sixth stage in Sonic Forces, and the third Sonic stage in the game. This stage is a re-imagining of the Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Mega Drive.

This stage is set onboard the Death Egg prison facility and around its outline outposts in space. During the events of the game, Sonic made his way through this stage in his search for a way back to Earth after breaking out of Dr. Eggman's prison.


Egg Gate is first and foremost set in the open space above Earth. Here, the Earth can be seen against a black tapestry of stars, with the sun setting behind it. Floating around in space are numerous vessels from the Eggman Fleet and pale asteroids with hexagon-shaped metal plating in several spots. The largest of the aforementioned asteroids even have metallic Eggman Empire complexes built on top of them. These complexes are shaped like trapezoidal prisms and have large spinning disks attached to them. Far in the background on several occasions, one can also spot the Death Egg itself.

The indoor areas in Egg Gate take place inside the metallic complexes and the Death Egg. These areas are set within dimly-lit halls of colossal sizes and narrow corridors, some of which are aligned with ominous-colored sci-fi neon lights. The designs of these places depend on the point of the stage; the very beginning of the stage is designed like a prison facility and the very end is designed a packed-up shuttle bay. In indoor areas in-between these locations are rather empty, although featured in the background of these areas are flipping metal panels, pipes and several pillars with Red Eyes in them that surveil their designated areas.


After defeating a Zavok replica, Sonic is free from his imprisonment and makes his way to escape. As Sonic gets out of the facility however, he discovers that he has been held prisoner in outer space for the last six months, and onboard the Death Egg no less. Finding himself unable to get back to Earth as he is, Sonic realizes that he can just grab a shuttle from the Death Egg and head back home in that.

After a less-than-safe journey, Sonic arrives on the Death Egg's shuttle deck. There, he finds the frightened Avatar surrounded by Egg Pawns. Dispatching the Egg Pawns, Sonic helps the Avatar back up and learns that they are here to rescue him. The Avatar is then contacted by Knuckles over the radio, prompting Sonic to make his presence known, much to Amy's joy. As Knuckles urges Sonic and the Avatar to get home, the two make their escape off the Death Egg in a shuttle the Avatar has prepped for them.


In Egg Gate, there are places where ceilings slowly come down on the player; if they manage to squeeze the player, they lose a life. After coming down however, the ceilings will eventually go up again. There are sometimes rows of blocks that will suddenly rise up from the ground and protrude a Spring at the top when the player approaches, thereby creating stairs for the player to use. In terms of stage hazards, there are cannons on the walls that will charge up for a second before firing damage-inducing laser balls that slowly home in on the player. Egg Gate also holds numerous breakable Containers that hide goodies and gimmicks inside them. It is also worth noting that bottomless pits inside the facilities in Egg Gate are marked with red lights on the edges.

Being a Sonic stage, Egg Gate has numerous Wisp Capsules filled exclusively with White Wisps along the way for the player to charge their Boost Gauge with.


When Egg Gate begins, the player runs down a corridor in a 2.5D perspective. While running, the ceiling slowly comes down. When not outrunning the ceiling, the player can hide in the space between them or take a lower route. At the end of the corridor, Sonic will pass through a hallway with doors that close behind him. The perspective will then switch to 3D as Sonic emerges into space and lands on a Grind Rail.

At the end of this rail, the player has three Grind Rails to chose from. The left one will take Sonic down a long plaform and to a Grind Rail that leads into the complex; the central one leads to a series of platforms one must scale and cross before reaching the facility; and the right on takes Sonic to another platforming section that leads to a Grind Rail into the complex. Regardless, all three routes merges just before the first Star Post. Also, when entering the complex, the perspective switches to 2.5D.

After the Star Post, the player has to scale a corridor. Once at the top, Sonic will bounce off/barge through meteorites before reaching a three-set Grind Rail section in 3D. While grinding, Aero-Chasers will attack. Eventually, the player enters the next complex (with the perspective becoming 2.5D again). Once inside, the player must outrun ceilings, scale walls and descend through containers. After passing the next Star Post, Sonic will come on a Grind Rail in 3D. While grinding, the player must launch a Homing Attack when a squadron of bird-shaped ships fly by in order to initiate a Real-Time Interaction cinematic. Here, the player has to press the jump button when the green rings that appear overlap; the better the player times the button presses, the greater the point bonus the player will receive. During the aforementioned cinematic, Sonic jumps from ship to ship at appropriate times to avoid getting shot down by the Death Egg's turrets. At the end of the cinematic, Sonic gets shot down and falls down a shaft. Sonic then enters a brief Skydiving section before landing on the path with the goal at the end.



Name Artist Length Music Track
"Egg Gate" Tomoya Ohtani 2:56
Egg Gate
"Danger in the Sky" Kenichi Tokoi 0:35
Danger in the Sky


Sonic Forces - Death Gate

Sonic Forces - Death Gate

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