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Egg Golem
Egg golem
The Egg Golem

Sonic Adventure 2

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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

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The Egg Golem (エッグゴーレム Eggu Gōremu?) is a boss character that appeared in Sonic Adventure 2. It is a giant animated stone statue.

Sonic Adventure 2

After Knuckles the Echidna defeated King Boom Boo, Eggman appears and summons a giant animated stone statue called the Egg Golem to battle Sonic. To defeat the Egg Golem, Sonic must run to his back, jump across the platforms that stick out and attack the Egg Golem's control mechanism on top of its head. The Homing Attack can also be used to attack the platforms with glowing symbols and escalate up to the control mechanism.

In the Dark Story, Sonic immediately jumps up and kicks the control mechanism, causing the Egg Golem to go haywire and turn on Eggman. In order to defeat it, Eggman has to use his Volcan Cannon to destroy its internal power generators. Once all three of them are destroyed, the Egg Golem is disabled and sinks into the quicksand. The music is also a remix of King Boom Boo's music, and this boss' music is labeled as 'Boss 4A'.

Appearance in Other Media

Sonic X


The Egg Golem's information card

The Egg Golem also appeared in the Shadow Saga of Sonic X. It was remotely controlled by Bokkun, who used it to fight Sonic and Knuckles. The two heroes had a hard time with the robot, but eventually, Cream stole the remote control from Bokkun and made the Egg Golem chase him into the desert. It later appeared standing in the desert during Super Sonic and Super Shadow's fight against the Final Lizard, with Bokkun standing on its head.

According to an eyecatch information card from Sonic X, the Egg Golem is 57 meters tall and weighs 250 tons.


  • The Egg Golem is the only boss in Sonic Adventure 2 to have the prefix Egg in its name.
  • The Egg Golem is the only boss in Sonic Adventure 2 to be fought in both the Hero and Dark storylines.



Sonic Adventure 2 Egg Golem (Sonic) 1080 HD01:26

Sonic Adventure 2 Egg Golem (Sonic) 1080 HD

Sonic Adventure 2 Egg Golem (Eggman) 1080 HD00:47

Sonic Adventure 2 Egg Golem (Eggman) 1080 HD

Sonic Adventure 2

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