The Egg Guardian is a combat automaton deployed in Soleanna during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It has a humanoid form and a tan and white color scheme.


ME0000726760 2

The Egg Guardian's fist attack.

The Egg Guardian is able to attack by launching its fists at its foes. It then begins to rotate shooting machine gun rounds. The arms automatically appear again. The Egg Guardians cannot be paralyzed by Silver's Psychokinesis when their two fists or spheres are still attached to their bodies.

When hit when it has no arms, the enemy falls over and ejects its energy core. Repeated strikes to the core or Silver's Psychokinesis can destroy the robot. To deal much damage without being hurt in Sonic and Shadow's cases, the player has to attack it before it launches it's fists as it will either hurt the player by it's explosion or hurt the player when it falls.


Egg Keeper

Sonic 06 egg keeper 01

Egg Keeper

Egg Keepers are the advanced versions of the Egg Guardians. They are similar in appearance, but have a red and grey color scheme and have increased speed and armor, meaning it takes more to to destroy them than The Egg Guardians. Their attacks are similar to the Egg Guardians but the only difference that after their fists or spheres are destroyed they will launch a volcanic lasers instead of shooting machine gun.


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