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For the robot minion in Sonic Heroes, see Egg Hammer.

Egg Hammer 3 (エッグハンマー3 Egguhanmā 3?)[1] appears in Sonic Advance 3 as the boss of Route 99. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman.


Egg Hammer 3, as the name replies, is an actual hammer. It is mostly gray with black and yellow stripes on it and yellow hammerheads. The Egg Mobile is on the top of the hammer between the heads and Gemerl which the entire hammer is connected to its pedestal at the bottom with a rounded grey chain.


Dr. Eggman will try to attack the player by slamming the machine on the left or right. When the hammer slams down, the player can hit the cockpit and damage the mech. If the player passes under the hammer, Eggman will slam down and try to crush the player. After eight hits (six in easy mode), the machine will explode and Eggman will fly away with a damaged Gemerl.



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