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Egg Hornet
SA1 EggHornet
Sonic fighting the Egg Hornet.

After arriving at Tails' Workshop in Mystic Ruins.


One of Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobiles. Takes three hits to defeat it.

The Egg Hornet (エッグホーネット Eggu Hōnetto?) is the second boss in Sonic Adventure as Sonic, and the first as Tails.


After Sonic found Tails in Emerald Coast, they set a meeting in Tails' workshop. When they got there, Eggman showed up and ordered them to give him their Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Tails refused and Eggman told them that he would take it from them the hard way, and thus the battle began.


It appears to be an Egg Mobile with spikes on the edges. It also features Missile Launchers at the front of the vehicle.


The Hornet attacks by firing missiles at the player. The player can dodge this attack with constant moving in different directions. The second attack pattern of this boss is charging into the player with its two drills. The Egg Hornet locks on the place where the player is standing and then charges towards his/her position. After Eggman rams the Egg Hornet into the ground, it will get stuck for few moments and the player player can damage the cockpit during this time. After attacking the cockpit three times, the boss is defeated.

Appearance in Other Media

Sonic X

SX Egg Hornet

Egg Hornet Sonic X Card

The Egg Hornet was also in the show, Sonic X, as one of Eggman's battle vehicles. He did battle with Sonic for a brief time until one of the drills was broken by Sonic's continual spinning. It was then destroyed but Eggman escaped the explosion with his mobile attachment.


Sonic Adventure DX - Sonic Boss 2 - Egg Hornet03:46

Sonic Adventure DX - Sonic Boss 2 - Egg Hornet


  • If playing as Sonic, the player can perform a glitch to beat the Egg Hornet after it dives into the ground. After it dives into the ground, if the player keeps using the Homing Attack, the Egg Hornet will stay in place and keep sustaining damage.


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