Quotation1 Egg Keepers are the evolved form of the Egg Guardian. Immediately discernible by their crimson paint, Egg Guardians pose a greater threat thanks to their increased speed and armor. Egg Keepers attack with either fists or spheres—same as the Egg Guardian—but do so with heightened ferocity. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide[1]

The Egg Keeper is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are evolved versions of the Egg Guardian, created by Dr. Eggman, and served as one of the doctor's most powerful enforcers during his operations to control Solaris.


The Egg keepers' design is similar to the Egg Guardians', but with red and grey color scheme. Much like the Egg Guardians, they have a red core in the center of their bodies which is their weak spot. Like The Egg Guardians, they have either fists or spheres as hands.


The Egg Keepers can attack with either fists or spheres. When they launching their fists, they will follow the playable character for a short of time before exploding. After their two fists/spheres are destroyed, they begin rotating and shooting two volcanic lasers before their arms automatically appear again.

Like the Egg Guardians, the Egg Keepers cannot paralyzed by Psycho Shock or Psycho Smash until their two fists or spheres are destroyed. When hit when it has no arms, the Egg Keeper falls over and ejects its energy core. Repeated strikes to the core or Silver's Psychokinesis can destroy them. To deal much damage without getting hurt in Sonic and Shadow's cases, the player has to attack it before it launches its fists as it will either hurt the player with its explosion or when it falls.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Keepers possess speed, armor and strength greater than the Egg Guardians and are far more durable as well. They are also able to launch either the spheres or fists they have for hands as projectiles (the latter of which can home in on enemies) and fire volcanic lasers from their arms.






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