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You may be looking for Egg Pawn or the Knight Pawn.

The Egg Knight (エッグナイト Eggunaito?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a robot model created by Dr. Eggman. They are known to be the leaders and are powerful variations of the standard Egg Pawn.


Egg Knights have the same model design as an Egg Pawn, but is mostly gold instead. They have blue eyes, a red nose and lines on its shoes, purple headlights on its chest and a horn-like spike on the top of its head. The bottom torso is black.


The Egg Knights are seen generally in the later-half of the stages (from Frog Forest onwards). Just like Egg Pawns, Egg Knights can wield a shield and/or a weapon (such as a gun or a lance) or none at all. Upon seeing the player, they will try to ram or shoot (if they wield a gun) at the player. Sometimes, Egg Knights do not pay attention to the player, allowing them to be destroyed with ease. They have slightly more health than Egg Pawns, requiring more hits from the player to destroy it. When an Egg Knight is in a group with regular Egg Pawns, the Egg Knight can be defeated to destroy all of the surrounding Egg Pawns.


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