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The Egg Magician (エッグマジシャン Eggumajishan?) is a robot in Sonic Heroes. It has something of a split personality.


Tsonic win 2016-07-15 00-07-41-48

An Egg Magician draining Rings from Team Rose.

It is encountered in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion. It can be destroyed easily yet the player must beware because it may steal the player's Rings. It resembles a grey Egg Pawn and has a staff and a skirt-like covering similar to a robe instead of legs that covers its other "personality", the Egg Bishop. It also has a mean expression on its "face". Use a speed class tornado move on the Egg Magician causes it to flip over and become an Egg Bishop.


  • Although the Egg Bishop appears in Sonic Rush, Egg Magician does not.

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