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The Egg Magician (エッグマジシャン Eggumajishan?) is a robot in Sonic Heroes. It has something of a split personality.


It resembles a grey Egg Pawn and has a staff and a skirt-like covering similar to a robe instead of legs that covers its other "personality", the Egg Bishop. It also has a mean expression on its "face".


Tsonic win 2016-07-15 00-07-41-48

An Egg Magician draining Rings from Team Rose.

It is encountered in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion. Much like the Egg Bishop, the Egg Magician can cast a spell which heals all robots within the area including itself. The Egg Magician has an additional attack where it casts a circular blue magic light at the ground where if the player or one of their teammates stand in the area, Rings will continually be absorbed from them. If a character stands in the area long enough, they will mysteriously vanish such that the player is unable to switch to that character until the Egg Magician is destroyed. If a Tornado Jump or a level 3 Homing Attack is used against the Egg Magician, it will flip over and become an Egg Bishop.


  • Although the Egg Bishop appears in Sonic Rush, Egg Magician does not.

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