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You may be looking for Egg Pawn.

The casino version of the Egg Pawn is a line of robots made by Dr. Eggman.


These Egg Pawns only appear in the Casino Park, Bingo Highway stages and the Robot Carnival boss battle. They have the same attack pattern as a regular Egg Pawn would do; wield a lance or gun and try to stop the player.


These Egg Pawns have three appearances:

  • A pink-colored bunny form, which has gray headlights on the chest, yellow eyes, red and yellow lines throughout the model design. It has a yellow heart-symbol on its chest.
  • A dark-purple (and sometimes gray) colored one, which had a bow-tie on its chest, blue and red lines on various parts, and a purple chest.
  • A green colored one, which has a tiki-looking hat and a blue diamond on its chest.

They all have the same model type as an Egg Pawn, though.


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