The Egg Pawn Ogre is a enemy that appears in Sonic Rush and the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman and a variant of the standard Egg Pawn.


Egg Pawn Ogres resemble a cross between Egg Pawns and Egg Hammers, possing the Egg Pawns' dimensions and shape and the Egg Hammers' bulky built and colors. They possess a round torso with thick gray upper half and back lower half, and have large gray and orange round shoulders, thin arms and large blue and white hands with orange wrist bands. They have no lower body to speak of, and instead have an orange, blue- and white striped spike on their pelvis with spikes around it. They finally have a dome-shaped head with a wide smile, a pointy orange nose and blue eyes.

Game appearance

Sonic Rush


An Egg Pawn Ogre in Sonic Rush.

The Egg Pawn Ogres first appeared in Sonic Rush where they can be encountered in Mirage Road. They will usually appear in rooms that seal off once the player enters them where they patrol a small area. For attack patterns, they move around slowly and will attack the player with their hammer when approached. What makes the Egg Pawn Ogres dangerous however, is that they require three hits to defeat and do not flinch when struck, meaning the player can easily take damage if standing carelessly close to them after attacking them.

Sonic Colors


An Egg Pawn Orge in Sonic Colors.

The Egg Pawn Ogres also appeared in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors where they can be encountered in Asteroid Coaster. Their attack patterns and mechanics are the same as in Sonic Rush. Like in Sonic Rush, they take three hits to be defeated, through they can also be taken out in one swoop using Violet Void.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Pawn Ogres are able to levitate in the air to move around. They are quite physically strong, carrying their large hammers with just one hand and create tremors by hammering into the ground. They are likewise highly durable, capable of withstanding a few head-on Boosts/Fire Boosts without flinching before being destroyed.


Each Egg Pawn Orge carries a large purple, gray and black hammer with spikes, similar to the ones wielded by the Egg Hammers. They use them for basic melee combat by bringing them down on foes.

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