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The Egg Salamander (エッグサラマンダー Eggusaramandā?) is a powerful mecha that comes in two versions, created by the combined efforts of Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega. It is fought in the extra zone Exception, a dimensional rift caused by the merging of Sonic's world and Blaze's world, and is the final boss of Sonic Rush.


The Egg Salamander comes in two versions, depending on the pilot of the mech.

Living up to its name, the basic Egg Salamander resembles a type of lizard, but without legs. When Dr. Eggman is the pilot, the Egg Salamander has a rather bulky appearance, with large cannons on each arm. When Eggman Nega is the pilot, the Egg Salamander turns upside down and has thin arms with three claws, giving it a more slender appearance. When changing between appearances, the Egg Salamander flies into a space station, and comes out as the other version.


After Blaze had collected all seven Sol Emeralds and beat Dr. Eggman, the disruption of the worlds seems to have ended, and she begins to ponder about how they restore the worlds and why she has not returned to her home, despite having all the Sol Emeralds. Out of nowhere, however, she hears Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega mock her lacking knowledge about the Sol Emeralds and listens to their explanation about the connection between the Sol Emeralds and the Chaos Emeralds. The two Eggmen then appears in the Egg Salamander (Dr. Eggman's version) and they defeat Blaze, and drains the Sol Emeralds of their powers. Shortly after, however, Sonic appears on the scene, but the Eggmen merely leave in the Egg Salamander, preparing to crush them. Meanwhile, Blaze has given up all hope, since the Sol Emeralds have been drained, but Sonic makes her realize that the Sol Emeralds' power comes from people's friendship and gets her to embrace the friendships she has made, thus recharging the Sol Emeralds. She then becomes Burning Blaze and Sonic becomes Super Sonic, and together they face the Egg Salamander in Exception.

Finally, after a long battle, Super Sonic and Burning Blaze manage to bring the Egg Salamander on the brink of defeat. Eggman Nega claims to have another plan, while Dr. Eggman panics, and then Super Sonic and Burning Blaze deal the final blow to the Egg Salamander, destroying it in a large explosion.

Powers and Weapons

The Egg Salamander is the most powerful robot in Sonic Rush and probably one of the most powerful robots in the Sonic the Hedgehog series due to possessing the drained energy from the seven Sol Emeralds. Additionally, the Egg Salamander is one of the few bosses that can take away rings from super transformed characters by using specific attacks.

The version piloted by Dr. Eggman can launch up to two mechanical satellites from its right cannon-arm that will circle around the opponent, while shooting four lasers beams and will eventually self-destruct. From its left cannon-arm, it can launch green energy beams that can move vertical on their own. Likewise, it can create swords of energy from its cannons and launch a barrage of rockets.

The version piloted by Eggman Nega can use its claws to perform unavoidable claw swipes on the opponent and can grab the opponent from the distance. It can also create a spatial rift into a dark void that can suck everything in.

During the chase, early in the boss fight, the Egg Salamander apparently demonstrated the ability to fire wide laser beams from great distances. However, it is possible to be in sight of the Salamander when these beams are fired, revealing that instead the beams come from an unknown source behind it.


The player takes turns in controlling one character a time. First you play as Super Sonic, who fights Dr. Eggman, and he can only attack with the Super Sonic Boost. In order to damage the Egg Salamander, Sonic has to deflect the small satellites that Eggman fires back at his cockpit, by performing a Super Sonic Boost into them. After getting hit, Eggman fires some energy beams which can also be deflected back at him, or swing the energy sword, which can be avoided with a well time boost. Eggman will occasionally go into the background and fire rockets which Sonic has to dodge or lose five to seven rings when hit. After three hits, Dr. Eggman will switch with Eggman Nega now controlling the mecha to fight Burning Blaze.

As Burning Blaze, she can perform a boost attack called the Burning Fire Boost, but she cannot use it to attack. Instead she can generate fireballs, which she has to fire at Nega's his cockpit in order to damage the Egg Salamander. During the early chase, Nega fires lasers much more quickly than Dr. Eggman. Once at close range, he will attack with fast slashing blows, and sometimes he will hold out an open claw and fire it at Blaze. If the player manages to dodge it, it will leave him vulnerable to an attack. If the player fails to avoid the projectile, however, Nega will grab Blaze and hit her with the other claw, causing her to lose rings. Other times, he'll go into the background and cause a spatial rift which will not only pull Blaze in, but also any rings nearby. To dodge the rift, the player must dash repeatedly until the rift disappears. If not, the rift will not only prevent movement but will also suck away some of Blaze's rings at the end, adding up to a possibly devastating ring loss (sometimes up to twenty rings can be lost by this attack). After three hits, Eggman Nega will switch with Dr. Eggman and the cycle continues. This pattern will then continue until the Egg Salamander is defeated.


  • This is the only boss battle in Sonic Rush (except for Egg Hammer Mega in Sonic's story), where the playable characters fight against their own respective Eggman; Super Sonic fights Dr. Eggman and Burning Blaze fights Eggman Nega.
  • The attack that Super Sonic and Burning Blaze use to defeat this boss is used again in Sonic Generations when Classic and Modern Sonic defeat the Time Eater.




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