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Ring Race
Egg Treat

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Egg Treat v1

Loading screen for Egg Treat.

Egg Treat is a multiplayer stage for the Ring Race mode in Sonic Heroes. When playing through all three Ring Race stages, Egg Treat is the first stage.


The two teams will compete to collect more rings than the other within a time limit in an arena that replicates the battle with the Egg Hawk in single player mode at nighttime. The Egg Hawk will fire Rings instead of gunshots (hence the theme of the stage's name) which greatly helps both players collect a lot of rings to quickly fill up their Team Blast guage to attack the other team with Team Blast. Both teams must be aware that even though the Egg Hawk shoots out rings, the Egg Hawk is invulnerable to any attack (though attacking it will spill out rings) and the mech can still damage either player when the player makes physical contact with it serving as the only obstacle in the stage. 


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