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Egg Utopia

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Egg Utopia is the seventh Zone of Sonic Advance 2. Egg Utopia is Eggman's space hideout in Sonic Advance 2.


Egg Utopia is Eggman's base in outer space. It contains rails, cannons that shoot the player out depending on where the player places them, gravity changes that have the player go up and down, and a catapult that blasts the player out.

The boss of this zone is Egg Frog.


  • The Egg Utopia has a strong resemblance to the Death Egg.
  • This stage possible gave inspiration to Dead Line from Sonic Rush, and both stages have a similar map.
  • The Egg Utopia has large stretches of bottomless pits, especially in the outdoor sections of the course.




Sonic Advance 2 Music- Egg Utopia Act 103:01

Sonic Advance 2 Music- Egg Utopia Act 1


Sonic Advance 2 = Egg Utopia06:16

Sonic Advance 2 = Egg Utopia

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