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Dr. Eggman
Egg Viper
SA1 EggViper
Sonic fighting the Egg Viper in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

Final Egg


Dr. Eggman's last machine to go against Sonic. Takes seven hits to defeat.

The Egg Viper (エッグバイパー Eggu Baipā?) is the final machine used by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure at the end of Sonic's story. It is a flying snake-like machine with two large spiked slowly-spinning discs on either side of the main body that fires rapid lasers, a powerful laser cannon, spiked discs, and homing balls of electricity.


Egg Viper is similar in appearance to a snake, specifically a viper (hence the name) or an anaconda. It is mostly red with white spikes on its tail. It has black and yellow stripes on its head. There are some green and gray spots on its spikes platforms and has a red eye. The Egg Mobile can be seen inside the head.

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure, it was the final boss for Sonic's story. After braving the Final Egg, Sonic made it to the center of the base where he and Dr. Eggman had their showdown. After defeating it, Sonic and Eggman escape before the expected explosion and Sonic's story comes to a close with him and Tails meeting up for a nice run.


The battle starts while Sonic is standing in front of Egg Viper and there are two platforms in battle area. This machine uses different attacks according to its health bar different attack patterns are used:

  1. The first attack pattern is firing four or five laser beams from its tail in a row. To avoid this attack sonic must keep moving probably in different directions to avoid being hit.
  2. Starts to charge and shoot an electric ball as its second attack. During the charging, the cockpit exposes itself out of the machine, giving Sonic a chance for attacking him. To damage him, Sonic can Homing Attack into nodes on the Egg Viper's tail which lead up to the cockpit.
  3. The third attack pattern is shooting a powerful laser with the machine's laser cannon. First, Egg Viper takes an aim at Sonic before firing. After a short time of moving the cannon is fired and a quick reaction helps Sonic to avoid it.
  4. When the health bar reaches half, Egg Viper flies over the platform where Sonic is standing and shoots laser beams at Sonic's position as Eggman's gloats at him to just give up.
  5. The common attack pattern during the last half of machine's health bar is launching razor discs. This could be used for damaging the Egg Mobile too. To avoid this, Sonic must get as far as he can or just jump when the disc comes close. Once the disc stops he can jump on it to reach Egg Viper's top and attack it with Homing Attack or Light Speed Attack.
  6. After destroying the platforms on the other side, the machine destroys a platform where Sonic is standing and shoots razor discs again. This pattern is used until the health bar reaches zero. If Sonic keeps missing his chances in hitting Eggman in this phase, eventually he would run out of platforms and fall to his death.

After Sonic has completely depleted the Viper's health bar, the machine will convulse uncontrollably and will attempt a suicidal attack, in which the Egg Viper will ram into the platform Sonic is standing on. A quick spin dash or homing attack is required. If it succeeds, it kills Sonic alongside the machine and they both explode in the bottomless pit; this can be problematic if Eggman has destroyed many platforms during his attack due to Sonic missing his chances to attack Eggman and if only one platform remained by the time Eggman attempts the suicide assault, then Sonic would automatically lose as well.

Apperances in other media

Sonic X

SX Egg Viper

Egg Viper on Sonic X.

The Egg Viper was also seen in the Sonic Adventure adaptation (Revenge of the Robot) in Sonic X. Its role and function in the episode's plot were pretty much the same. The fight was noticeably different however: it took place on ground level as opposed to two long platforms over an abyss, so the danger of Sonic falling to his death did not apply. Eggman's main method of attack with the Viper was to use its tail to crush Sonic, as opposed to relying on its firearms and blades to do him in, though he did use the laser. Sonic was able to free himself and effortlessly destroy the Egg Viper.

Archie Comics

In Worlds Collide #6, Sonic mentions the Egg Viper when he and Mega Man are talking about snake-based enemies. When Mega Man notes that he's faced multiple robots of this type and laughs at the fact that Sonic only brings up one, Sonic argues quality over quantity. The altered reality created following the improperly reversed Super Genesis Wave also included the Egg Viper, as indicated by Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog #253.


  • The Egg Viper is similar to the Egg Wyvern. Both bosses are the same color, both are suspended above low ground, both battles have a part where you attack Dr. Eggman head on, and both bosses destroy platforms and decrease the amount of space you have to run on.
  • Players are very versed on the Viper's difficulty, some find it easy, others find it obscenely difficult and annoying.
  • Its final attack when Sonic destroys the Egg Viper is similar to the Death Egg Robot's final attack in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I.
  • This boss, as well as the Egg Walker boss, is infamous for Eggman's line: "Get a load of this!"
  • The Egg Viper has the most health out of every boss in the game, even having more health than the final boss, Perfect Chaos. This is despite Perfect Chaos being far more powerful than the Egg Viper.



Sonic Adventure DX (XBLA) Walkthrough - -Part 16 - Sonic's Story- - Egg Viper & Credits09:59

Sonic Adventure DX (XBLA) Walkthrough - -Part 16 - Sonic's Story- - Egg Viper & Credits


Militant Missionary - Boss Egg Walker Egg Viper (from Sonic Adventure)01:18

Militant Missionary - Boss Egg Walker Egg Viper (from Sonic Adventure)

Sonic Adventure

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