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Quotation1 You keep getting in my way, you pesky little hedgehog! Very well, I'll take you out myself! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Wyvern intro
The Egg-Wyvern's intro screen

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
(Only appearance)


The final boss in Sonic's story is large wyvern-looking robot piloted by Doctor Eggman himself.

Previous boss

Egg Genesis (Sonic's story)

The Egg-Wyvern is the final boss in Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The Egg-Wyvern is a large robot that is similar to the creature of the same name. It is completely red with spots of silver, white, and black here and there. Its lower jaw is actually the Egg Mobile used throughout Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that is simply attached to the robot's neck.


Sonic's Story

The Egg-Wyvern only made an appearance in Sonic's story as the final boss. After Sonic made it to Eggman's cockpit to rescue Elise, the doctor had finally lost his final straw and decided that it was time to end it right then and there. However unexplained it is, the battle somehow made its way outside, where Eggman attached the Egg Mobile to the Egg-Wyvern and charged Sonic. In the end, Sonic was able to defeat the robot and send Eggman spiraling into the sky on his detached seat.


The Egg-Wyvern has a decent assortment of weapons. It uses it's whole body as a weapon in the boss battle with him as he was able to charge at Sonic in the hopes of taking him out. The glowing red horn on its head may however have been the real thing that was to serve as a weapon despite the fact that all Sonic had to do was homing attack it to latch on. It fires a random assortment of lasers down at Sonic at one point. At another point it flies around and shoots multiple fire blasts toward Sonic. And throughout the course of the battle is fires electric projectiles that are able to take out the platforms Sonic stands on.

Boss Guide

It starts out by targeting random areas of the platform. The player must stay away from those areas. After flying around a bit, it will dive at the player. By using a Homing Attack on the horn, the player will take control of it, like in the Egg Cerberus battle. The player then needs to seer it into the debris to damage it. After hitting it, it will knock off some of the platforms. After three hits, the canopy will be destroyed and his attack pattern will change. Now he tries firing a lock-on laser like with Egg Genesis. The player doesn't have to run to avoid it, but he/she must keep moving until the lock-on stops chasing the player. The player must stay away from where it's firing. After that, Eggman will stop and extend two of the guns to shoot the player and try a laser attack. The player must then use a Homing Attack on one of the guns to hit Eggman. The player must do this until he/she are down to one platform. At this point, he will try to dive bomb the player again. To end the battle, the player must hit Egg-Wyvern one last time to win.


  • The Egg-Wyvern boss battle reminds many fans of the Egg Viper boss battle from Sonic Adventure. The reasons may be due to the color of the robots, the high elevation, the destruction of platforms, certain points where you're able to hit Eggman directly, and the fact that they're both final bosses.
    • At some points during the Egg-Wyvern battle, Eggman will say "Can you make it over here?", similar to a line when fighting the Egg Viper "Let's see if you can make it through here, Sonic!". Both of these quotes occur when you have to use the Homing Attack to reach Eggman.
    • In addition, the Egg-Wyvern may be a throwback to a similar dragon boss concept for Sky Chase. The key difference between these battles is that Sonic is on suspended platforms surrounding the Egg Carrier, whereas the Sonic Adventure version would have likely been a minor boss for the Tornado.
  • The Egg-Wyvern is the only final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) which is not fought multiple times in the story, unless one counts Solaris as a separate entity from Mephiles and Iblis; Iblis is fought at the beginning and end of Silver's story, and Mephiles is fought both midway and at the end of Shadow's story.
  • The Egg-Wyvern is very similar in design to the Egg Hawk, Egg Falcon, Egg Eagle and the Egg Dragoon.




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