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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the robot in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, see Egg Bot.

Eggbots from Sonic the Hedgehog #54. Pencils by John Hebert, inks by Harvo, colors by Karl Bollers.

Eggbots are egg-shaped Badniks created by Snively Robotnik to be part of his own private army, with which he intended to move against his uncle, Doctor Robotnik, and take over Mobius himself. Although Snively referred to them as "EggRobos" in their first appearance, Antoine D'Coolette called them "Eggbots," which was the name used in subsequent appearances.


Following an ancient map, Snively used a group of EggRobos to excavate the Budding Circle site on the south side of Robotropolis, hoping to find some Krudzu. The EggRobos chased Antoine D'Coolette and fought the Knothole Freedom Fighters. It appeared as though the Freedom Fighters would be defeated, until Robotnik learned that Snively possessed "attack robots" more powerful than his own and sent a group of SWATbots to investigate. Snively quickly concealed all evidence of his EggRobos (thus allowing the Freedom Fighters to escape), and told Robotnik that they were simply digging robots that the Freedom Fighters had destroyed.[1]

Following Robotnik's demise and Snively's imprisonment in Devil's Gulag, Snively overheard two of his guards (Fleming and Smiley) discussing the return of Ixis Naugus. Snively used a transmitter hidden in his thumbnail to remotely activate a batch of Eggbots that had been hidden in special metal eggshells, then sent them to find the wizard.[2] The Eggbots used a giant drill to track down a power source in a subterranean stream, which proved to be a Power Ring. To power the drill, the used the containment cell that held the cyborg Monkey Khan. When Khan was released from the cell by Sally Acorn, he stole the Power Ring and destroyed the Eggbots. Snively sent his last cadre of Eggbots to stop Monkey Khan, but by the time they arrived Monkey Khan had already left with Sally. Sonic and Antoine were able to defeat some, but the rest cornered them on a cliff. They were saved by the timely return of Monkey Khan, and together the heroes were able to destroy the remaining Eggbots.[3]


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