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Quotation1 Deep in the mystic jungle lurks one of Eggman's many bases. Shadow is en route to raid and destroy it. And Eggman's army is in full force to greet him and take him down, by any means necessary. Quotation2
— Theme Trailer description[1]

Eggman's Facility[1] (軍関連施設 Gun kanren shisetsu?) is the second stage in the Sonic Forces DLC, Episode Shadow. Set in Mystic Jungle, the stage is a modified version of Aqua Road and thus, features similar elements.

Eggman's Facility appears in a flashback set a couple of months before the events of Episode Shadow. In it, Infinite explains his first encounter with Shadow the Hedgehog when the latter came to Eggman's Facility to destroy Eggman's base.


Similar to other areas within the Mystic Jungle, Eggman's Facility is set in a brown mountainous region at night during a full moon. It should be noted that the mountains in this stage are rather blocky, much like in Green Hill, and there are evidence of a recent rainfall. Between the mountains on the bottom are a massive lake and numerous rivers. Also, growing on the region's dry land and mountains are lush tropical trees with round tree crowns, grass and fern-like bushes.

Also found in Eggman's Facility are ancient ruins, such as roads, pillars, road gates, crumbling walls, temples and still-burning torches, most of which are overgrown with plants. All of these ruins have yellow runes/murals that glow.

As a result of Dr. Eggman's actions, the majority of the ruins have been converted into casinos. Numerous neon signs in different shapes and colors have been added to the ruins, and ancient temples have been converted into neon palaces. Ancient pillars have similarly been turned into palm-shaped street lights. Also, many of the trees in Eggman's Facility have been set ablaze, turning huge sections of the forest into burning infernos. The stage also has a myriad of twisting half pipes made from tree trunks with water flowing through them and vines surrounding them, forming a warped network of waterslides.


With his long-awaited reunion with Shadow the Hedgehog here at last, Infinite tells Shadow, who does not remember meeting Infinite, about how they first met a couple of months earlier:

Whilst on route to raid and destroy one of Dr. Eggman's many facilities, Shadow encountered Squad Jackal, a group of mercenaries hired by Eggman to guard his base. The group, however, was no challenge for the Ultimate Lifeform as all but their captain (who was elsewhere) were wiped out. Surprised by this, Eggman ordered all of his available troops to take out Shadow "by any means necessary". As Shadow got closer to the facility in spite of the opposition, Eggman became more desperate to protect it, even though the facility had already finished its analysis of the "stone" the day prior.

Reaching the entrance to the facility, Shadow was greeted by the captain of Squad Jackal, the soon-to-be Infinite. Regarded as the "ultimate mercenary", the jackal lunged towards Shadow to avenge his squad, but due to his skill with Chaos Control, Shadow effortlessly dodged the mercenary and struck back with a powerful counterattack. Beaten and humiliated, Shadow left the mercenary, warning him to never show his "pathetic face" around him ever again. Left with both stinging wounds and words, the mercenary questioned his superiority. All he could do was shout helplessly into the night, exclaiming he was "not weak".

Back in the present, Infinite recounts the lasting impact this encounter had on him, claiming that from that day on he discarded his old identity—going as far as to wear a mask to abandon his old face—and obtained the power to "make all yield" to him. Now, with limitless power at his command, Infinite is ready to crush Shadow, which he promptly attempts to so by trapping Shadow in an illusion.


Eggman's Facility plays out in a fashion similar to that of Aqua Road, except Eggman's Facility is shorter and has more obstacles and gimmicks added to it.

Much like the stage it was based on, Eggman's Facility predominantly features water slide sections. Whilst on the water slides, Shadow moves forward automatically. The player will also have limited movement abilities and must avoid falling off the edges of the slides and into bottomless pits. While sliding, the player must also be wary of outdated Moto Bugs, who drift down the slides alongside the player; if Shadow collides with a Moto Bug, he will get knocked around, making navigation on the slides more difficult. Also, while colliding with a Moto Bug will destroy it, a new one will soon after arrive to take the destroyed one's place. Different from original stage however, is the inclusion of golden Moto Bugs, who need to be struck three times to be destroyed; upon these Moto Bugs' destruction they will leave behind a Super Ring or a Red Star Ring.

In terms of obstacles in Eggman's Facility, the player will primarily encounter spiked balls. These obstacles appear either along the water slides (often alongside the Moto Bugs) or as objects attached to the ends of revolving bars that obscure the player's path. In some places, there are also thorn bushes that will damage Shadow in case he touches them. The stage also includes balloons for the player to bounce on.


At the beginning of the stage, the player is thrust from a Ramp into a large water slide. During this section, the player will be accompanied by multiple Moto Bugs, including a golden varient. Halfway through this section, the water slide will split into an alternate path that the player may choose to take.

At the end of this section, the player will hit a row of Springs and be launched into the air where they will be met by a cluster of Nebulas. The player must use the Nebulas to perform chain Homing Attacks in order to reach land. Once back on the ground, the player will encounter a small section with two revolving spiked balls and a group of Egg Pawns beyond it. Going past this section, the player will be launched to a higher level with a similar layout. This time however, there is a golden Moto Bug. If the player Homing Attacks the golden Moto Bug, it will be knocked further forward, allowing the player to chain Homing Attacks with it. Once defeated, the gold Moto Bug will leave behind a Red Star Ring.

Launching from more Springs, the player will hit several Dash Rings and land on a second water slide segment. At the start of this section, there are several spiked balls rolling down the slide that the player must avoid. After that, the water slide splits into three paths for the player to take. Like before, Moto Bugs fill this section.

Once again, the end of this section launches the player from Springs towards a group of Nebulas, which the player must use to cross a gap. This time, the section also includes balloons that they player can use to reach Dash Rings, which lead to another Red Star Ring and a Rainbow Ring before hitting the goal.



Shadow's pose from the stage.

  • When Shadow gets airtime during the water slide sections, he will adopt a pose similar to a piece of artwork from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
  • The background music for this stage is a remix of "Rhythm And Balance", a piece of music from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • The burning trees in this stage are somewhat inconsistent with the point in time where Eggman's Facility takes place. In Sonic Forces, the trees in Mystic Jungle were set ablaze by bombs dropped by the Eggman Fleet, something which occurred several months after the events that took place in Eggman's Facility. This is most likely oversight by the game's level designers.




Name Artist Length Music Track
"Eggman's Facility [Rhythm And Balance Remix]" Tomoya Ohtani 2:49
Eggmans Facility - Rhythm And Balance Remix


Sonic Forces (PS4) Episode Shadow - Stage 2 - Eggman's Facility (Mystic Jungle) - S-Rank-0

Sonic Forces (PS4) Episode Shadow - Stage 2 - Eggman's Facility (Mystic Jungle) - S-Rank-0


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