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Eggman Industries is an organization mentioned in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a company run by Dr. Eggman which makes products of the doctor's own making.[1] Its employees consist of all the minions in service to Eggman.[2]


Eggman Industries is a company that produces various, and often highly advanced objects of Dr. Eggman's design. Although its exact target group is unknown, its products are available for anyone's purchase.[1][3] Products brought over mobile payment feature manageable prices, but charge extra for shipping and handling.[3]


TV Series

Season one

Eggman industries Profile

Dr. Eggman advertising a product from Eggman Industries.

Founded at some point, Eggman Industries would sell products of Dr. Eggman's own making. T.W. Barker in particular would order some Motobugs and a Sphere of Fear to contain Sonic.[1] After failing to sponsor Knuckles during his time as a celebrity, Eggman Industries was promised a partnership with the Comedy Chimp Show by Comedy Chimp. In exchange for Eggman removing Knuckles as the show's host, Eggman Industries were made the sponsor of the Comedy Chimp Show, although the deal was presumably dropped after Eggman's products proved too hazardous.[3] Thanks to a lockbox from Eggman Industries which was used to seal the override codes for the robots in the Robot Battle Royale, Eggman acquired the codes for Tails' Hypnobot through it.[4]

Season two

Seeking to control the local news contents, Dr. Eggman made Eggman Industries the sponsor of Sticks' TV news gig, thus preventing her from investigating Eggman's latest schemes.[5][6] Eggman Industries was later left without employees when all of Eggman's robots began striking. Eggman tried hiring villagers to fill out for them, but when they proved inadequate, he got his robots to return after some negotiations.[2]

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