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"Eggman the Auteur" is the thirty-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 20 May 2015 in France and on 21 July 2015 in the United States.


Eggman is making a movie about his life. He even tries to cast Sonic to play a lame version of Sonic. Is this just a bad movie or merely a diversion for a secret evil plan?







While Sonic and Tails are picking up lunch at Meh Burger, they hear an ominous noise. The duo immediately attributes it to Obliterator Bot, who they promptly dismantle with the help of the Enerbeam. Once the fight is over, they notice Eggman sitting in a director's chair, angered that they destroyed his robot. The doctor explains to them that he was only unleashing that robot as part of a film he was creating, and that it was not supposed to be destroyed in that particular scene. However, he then claims that there is a way to fix it without rewriting the entire second act, in the form of having Sonic play himself in the film. Sonic refuses the role, while Tails is suspicious that Eggman is only using the film as an excuse to distract them from an evil scheme. The two leave, as Eggman complains about another act of his being shot down.

Later on, Amy arrives at Sonic's Shack, and (whilst waking him up from his nap) informs Sonic that Eggman got someone else to play as him. That someone turns out to be Dave the Intern, dressed in a Sonic-suit, and forced to act dim-witted. Sonic and Amy arrive on the scene and disrupt the film, upset that Sonic is being portrayed wrong. Eggman then makes a proposition that if Sonic accepts the role of himself, then he can have input on his portrayal. Amy forces Sonic into the film and declares herself as his agent, thus prompting Eggman to demote Dave back to caterer.

In a deep canyon, Eggman orders Sonic to do a stunt, involving the destruction of his Giant Robot, though Amy refuses to let him do so, leading to a brief argument. Eggman eventually gives in and hires a stuntman in the form of Knuckles, who is now painted to look like Sonic. For a few more scenes, Eggman replaces Sonic with the disguised Knuckles, regardless of how dangerous the act is. While Eggman's Yes Bots all agree with him that the movie is going well, Sonic appears and criticizes the script, though Eggman refuses to discuss it. This prompts Sonic to go storming to Tails' Workshop, where Tails revises the script. The next day, however, Eggman complains about the alterations to the film, and Sonic leaves his role.

Later on, Orbot and Cubot head to Sonic's Shack to warn him that the film was nothing more than a hoax, and that the doctor was really trying to use Drill Bot to mine for Unacquirum beneath the set, which he would then use to build a robot army to replace his existing ones, including Orbot and Cubot themselves. Wasting no time, Sonic runs to the scene where he tries to fight Drill Bot but has his attacks blocked. Only by guiding a homing missile towards the mech is he able to destroy him, but he soon realizes that he was unintentionally acting for the final scene of the film.

That night, a ceremony is held at Dr. Eggman lair, commemorating the success of his movie, where Dr. Eggman states that he is planning to make three more movies. When the film is actually being viewed by the public, Eggman becomes irritated at how the civilians are laughing at the scenes in his production, but soon realizes that he forgot to install a hypnotizing device onto the camera to hypnotize the viewers and make them his slaves, which was his plan all along. With nothing else to do, Eggman sends everyone away to watch his movie alone.


Regional differences

  • In the Russian dub of this episode, Tails says that Eggman actually uncovered the origin of his mustache in a flashback.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Suuri Ohjaaja Eggman The Great Director Eggman
French Eggman fait son cinema Eggman makes a Drama
Hungarian Tojáshegy a rendező Eggman the director
Italian Il capolavoro di Eggman The masterpiece of Eggman
Korean 영화 감독, 에그맨 Eggman the Movie Director
Polish Eggman reżyser Eggman director
Russian Эггман - режиссёр Eggman the director


Eggman the Auteur script

Tails with Eggman's script.

  • If one looks closely at the part where Tails rewrites the script of Eggman's movie, a part of the script for this episode can be seen.
  • This episode marks the third time that the Enerbeam is used in the cartoon.
  • When Dave first hands Sonic and Tails' lunch to them, the voice clip he uses to describe it is recycled from "Double Doomsday".
    • Additionally, the voice clip where Eggman mentions his lifelong dream of building his own theme park is ripped right out of "Blue With Envy".
  • The device Tails works on in his workshop uses the same model as the one he tried using against Knuckles in "Mayor Knuckles".
  • The intro music to Eggman's movie is the 20th Century FOX movie intro.
  • This is the first episode since "Guilt Tripping" to not include Sticks in any form, and is also the fourth episode to not include her.
  • The holographic projector Eggman uses in this episode is the same one he tried to use in "Sole Power", only to get it smashed by Amy.
  • Unacquirum is most likely a reference to “Unobtainium”.
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
  • The plot of this episode was adapted for Sonic Boom 05 - Sonic Superstar.


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