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Sonic Adventure
Emerald Coast (Sonic)

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Sonic Adventure
Emerald Coast (Big)

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Sonic Adventure
Emerald Coast (Gamma)

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Emerald Coast
Sonic the Hedgehog in Emerald Coast.
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Emerald Coast (エメラルドコースト Emerarudo Kōsuto?) is the first Action Stage in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is playable by E-102 Gamma, Sonic the Hedgehog and Big the Cat.


In his first stage of the game, Sonic races across the picturesque beaches of Emerald Coast, searching for Tails, who has crashed his prototype plane somewhere in the area. Despite the expected serenity of the gorgeous beaches, it is populated by a number of Eggman's destructive Badniks, as well as an Orca, which will hurt you if you touch it. The presence of hostile robots seems to have forced beach-goers to temporarily evacuate the coast, leaving Sonic on his own impromptu race course to dash through.


  • Level C - Rescue Tails!
  • Level B - Collect 50 rings and destroy the Capsule!
  • Level A - Destroy the capsule in 2 minutes!


Big the Cat has entered this gorgeous locale to once again fish for Froggy. Due to the stage being located literally right next to a vast expanse of ocean, Big has many other fish to distract himself with catching. If Big is equipped with the Life Belt, he may just discover a secret area under a rock, with even more fish for him to catch. The part of Emerald Coast that Big fishes in is located in Sonic's "Azure Blue World" section of the stage, right after the iconic whale chase. In the end, he finds Froggy, only for Froggy to be immediately abducted by E-102 Gamma. This is his third stage.


  • Level C - Fish for and catch Froggy!
  • Level B - Catch a 1000g fish and Froggy!
  • Level A - Catch a 2000g fish and Froggy!

E-102 Gamma

E-102 Gamma has entered Emerald Coast (Naturally, against the wishes of the hotel management) to find and capture Froggy for his master, Dr. Eggman. Though he only travels through a small section of the first part of the stage (this being due to a lack of agility and speed that hampers him from traveling to more of the sections Sonic explored), there is a surprisingly large number of Badniks for Gamma to use as target practice while he searches.


  • Level C - Catch "Froggy"!
  • Level B - Collect 50 rings and catch "Froggy"!
  • Level A - Catch "Froggy" with more than 180 seconds remaining!


  • The music in this stage bears some resemblance to the music in Spring Stadium Zone in Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) and could be a remix of it.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic's version of Wave Ocean, a level very similar to Emerald Coast, has a segment in which the player deals with an Orca that smashes through a bridge, similar to the Orca that chases Sonic in Emerald Coast.
  • There's a real life beach that also has the name of "Emerald Coast" in Destin, Florida. With its hotels lining the coast it bears striking resemblance to the one seen in Sonic Adventure.
  • Tails, Knuckles and Amy can all be playable in Emerald Coast Act 1 using glitches and exploits in the adventure field. However, none of these characters will be playable once the player reaches Act 2. This ability was removed in the Xbox Live and PSN re-release versions of the game.
  • Emerald Coast also appears in episode 9 of Sonic X .
  • Emerald Coast is also the first stage you play in Sonic Shuffle.
  • Emerald Coast is playable in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations.
  • Big has special music that plays in his level that isn't heard in Gamma's or Sonic's level.
  • Sonic was first chased by the Orca. Since then, Sonic has been chased by many objects in some of the main 3D Sonic games.
  • Big loses Froggy to Gamma from his side of the story, but when playing Gamma's story, Big is nowhere to be seen.
  • The song Windy and Ripply is selectable for Seaside Hill in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.


Azure Blue World (Emerald Coast) - Sonic Adventure OST04:13

Azure Blue World (Emerald Coast) - Sonic Adventure OST

Windy and Ripply (Emerald Coast) - Sonic Adventure OST03:10

Windy and Ripply (Emerald Coast) - Sonic Adventure OST


Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (Sonic) 1080 HD-001:55

Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (Sonic) 1080 HD-0

Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (Big) 1080 HD01:04

Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (Big) 1080 HD

Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (E-102 "Gamma") 1080 HD00:42

Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast (E-102 "Gamma") 1080 HD

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