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Emerald Coast

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Emerald Coast is the first board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


Emerald Coast Sonic Shuffle

Emerald Coast in Sonic Shuffle.

This world exists for lovers of the sun, but Void's magic is causing the tropical paradise to experience a rather unseasonal ice age. Note that you can only move underwater for five turns: fail to cross a bubble square within the limit and you'll be booted back to the surface. Sea turtles act as stepping stones, but can't be crossed when submerged. Toward the end of the stage, the wooden ship in the lower portion of the arena takes to the sky and flies away, eliminating a valuable shortcut. Land on the Quest square and you're given eight turns to return a beached dolphin to the sea. Complete the stage to initiate the Sonic Surfing minigame. If the player was first, the next cut-scene is shown and you enter the next board, which is the Fire Bird.

This is shown to be Knuckles' Dream World in the Opening.


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