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Emperor Zero is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an alien criminal from Planet Romanus, and a self-proclaimed emperor who ran his own gladiatorial society isolated from the rest of his world.


Zero is large man with blue skin and beard. He has red eyes with black sclera and wears a white rob that is held in place by a gold belt. Likewise, he wears golden bracelets and dons a purple cape.


The self-appointed emperor of his own city which had an energy dome that kept local law enforcement out,[1][2] Zero would gather slaves and trap them within his city to make them fight gladiatorial death matches for his pleasure.[1]

When two lifeforms, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary, were detected out near the dome wall, Zero ordered their capture. By Zero's command, the two were then put into a death match. When Tekno gained the upper hand, Zero made Tekno seemingly disintegrate Amy, or he would execute the other slaves.[1] Instead of freeing the slaves as Tekno's reward though, Zero sent Clawbeast to attack her. During the fight though, Zero's energy dome was dispatched by the still-alive Amy. Zero was then savaged by Clawbeast when Tekno teleported the beast to his seat, before the law enforcement rushed in and arrested the visibly-distressed Zero, ending his reign.[2]


A power-crazed madman, Zero is a tyrant and displays great joy at watching the suffering of those below him. As such, he is not above lying to see others kill one another.[1][2]


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