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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Enerjak is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs. He is the spirit of a malevolent demigod with complete mastery over the Chaos Force, whose spirit takes over echidnas who absorb massive amounts of chaos energy and manifests as a villainous alter ego, with incredible powers restricted only by the host’s imagination, granting a godlike power to the host. Over time, the identity of Enerjak has been applied to multiple echidna characters.

The legacy of Enerjak began in the early beginnings of Mobius, where echidna society advanced, with a scientist from Albion who was also the husband of Aurora. This echidna scientist ascended into the Chaos Force, but eventually went mad with power and was spread across the Chaos Force by Aurora, as he was too powerful to destroy. His ambient spirit would go on to inhabit other echidnas, causing the threat of Enerjak to resurface time and time again.

A second incarnation of Enerjak came about during the Forgotten War. Like the first and third incarnation, he was a researcher. He merely wanted a way to help the Albion Knights of Aurora defeat the Order of Ixis, but was corrupted by power and possessed by the spirit of the first Enerjak.

Every Enerjak has taken to wearing a ceremonial outfit created for ancient Echidna generals. It consisted of a golden faceplate, skirt, breastplate, and various bands of gold around the elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. The rest of the outfit was blue, the rest of the helmet including a red gem in the forehead and openings that allowed the dreadlocks to stick out. Removing the faceplate allows others to see the true identity of whichever Enerjak it is, which allowed Kragok to identify the third Enerjak as Dimitri. Knuckles also became the fourth incarnation of Enerjak for a brief period due to the machinations of Dr. Finitevus.


The first and original Enerjak was a scientist in Albion who researched the secrets of the Chaos Force with his love and partner in work, Aurora. They progressed in their work to the point where they attracted the attention of the Ancient Walkers, who showed Enerjak and Aurora-La the wonders of the Chaos Force. When their time came, Enerjak and Auroa-La transcended into the Chaos Force to gain greater knowledge. Enerjak, however, became corrupted during his transcend and came into direct conflict with Aurora and the Ancient Walkers. As Enerjak was too powerful to be outright destroyed, they scattered him throughout the Chaos Force. His dark spirit lingered on, however, destined to eternally manifest through future echidnas.


First Host

The second incarnation and first host of Enerjak arose during the Forgotten War between the Order of Ixis and the Albion Knights of Aurora. While little is known about him, he was apparently a researcher like his predecessor, and sought out a way for the Knights to defeat the Order, only for his experiment to work too well that he was corrupted by power and possessed by the spirit of the first Enerjak. So great was the threat posed by this Enerjak that the two warring factions temporarily put aside their hostilities in order to engage and destroy their common foe.

Dimitri the Echidna

Main article: Dimitri the Echidna

The Begining of the Chaos God

The third known Enerjak was Dimitri the Echidna, a scientist from Angel Island who, together with his brother Edmund, sought to return Angel Island to the surface by using their Chaos Syphon machine to drain energy from the island's twelve Chaos Emeralds and safely cause the landmass to descend. Echidnaopolis officials rejected the plan, and an enraged Dimitri used the Chaos Syphon without authorization. Due to a malfunction, the device destroyed eleven of the Emeralds and transferred their energies into Dimitri, thus creating the nearly omnipotent being that called itself Enerjak. Maddened by the power flowing through his body, Enerjak briefly attempted to conquer Angel Island. He was stopped by his brother, who was helped by the Fire Ants which ate the foundations of his citadel, causing it to collapse and bury him. The burial site became known as Mount Fate.

Despite being buried, Enerjak survived. He reached out to his son Menniker, using a form of telepathy. Menniker then went on to forge the Dark Legion, a technocratic group of Echidnas who wished to follow in Dimitri's example and restore Angel Island to its original land site, as well as restoring technology into Echidna society, which was banned after Dimitri's use of the Chaos Syphon. The Dark Legion, while successfully killing Edmund, were hurled into the Twilight Zone by Edmund's son Steppenwolf. They continued to thrive, each new generation of Dimitri's bloodline taking command.

Enerjak's Escape and Next Defeat

Over the centuries, in the depths of the ruins, Enerjak's knowledge and insanity grew. It was during this period that he actually took his name, that of the legendary evil. All the while, he remained unaware that Edmund's bloodline, which lived on in the Brotherhood of Guardians over the generations, was continuing. Eventually escaping from his prison, Enerjak did battle with his the great descendant of his late brother and his distant nephew, Knuckles the Echidna and his friends the Chaotix, brainwashing the latter into attacking the former. Rather than simply use his limitless power on his great nephew, Enerjak took a sort of sadistic pleasure in pitting him against his own friends. When this failed, he decided to use only his sheer strength in hand-to-hand combat with Knuckles. This proved to be his downfall, as it bought Knuckles' father Locke enough time to launch Enerjak's citadel into space with him still on it.

Return and Vengeance

Enerjak did not stay gone for long, as he was rescued and brought back to Mobius by Mammoth Mogul, where he took command of the Dark Legion from Dimitri's great-great grandson Kragok. Before he would do anything however, he took immediate steps to ensure his enemies would not stop him a third time. He immediately transported Archimedes and his grandfather Deo Volente into a small device which acted like a prison, preventing them from teleporting around and warning Knuckles of his return; then he set his sights on Knuckles himself. He first offered him the chance to accept Enerjak as his master and serve as his underling. When Knuckles refused, he forced him to endure numerous hardships, including teleporting him to the bottom of the ocean, as well as sending him to the tip of the planet's atmosphere. When his final offer to join him was declined, Enerjak literally took Knuckles apart, atom by atom. His descendant survived solely due to divine intervention by the Ancient Walkers, who had prophesied that Knuckles had a destiny yet to be fulfilled and thus saved him from destruction.

Believing the Guardian to be dead, he launched an attack against Echidnaopolis and the Dingoes. As the battle began, Enerjak seemed calm, protecting his hovercraft from enemy fire using his powers to create a force field around them. Although the combined might of the Dingoes and the Echidna Security Team at first was effective against the Dark Legion forces, Enerjak used his powers to disable their weapons with an electromagnetic pulse. He then ordered the city to surrender, but while giving his speech was caught off guard by the arrival of Mammoth Mogul.

The End of Enerjak's Reign

Using the power of the Sword of Acorns, Mogul drained the power of the eleven Emeralds from Enerjak, and the persona disappeared to leave a decrepit Dimitri in its place, thus ending Enerjak's reign.

Mogul did not retain his powers long, as a battle with Hyper Knuckles, Super Sonic and Turbo Tails, resulted in his own defeat, and Dimitri's Chaos Syphon was used to convert the energy of Mogul's Emeralds and the two that still held Angel Island aloft into the Master Emerald.

Knuckles the Echidna

The Echidna Who Would Become a God

While Dimitri was no longer Enerjak, he retained some of his goals for world domination. However, as time went on, his ancient body began to fail him, and he sought to rejuvenate himself with Chaos energy. Originally, he intended to use Knuckles (who, at the time, was a living Chaos Emerald) as a power source, but Knuckles' temporary death and subsequent powerlessness left Dimitri without a way to return to his Enerjak form.

Dr. Finitevus, a scientist from the Dark Legion, had his own plans for the Enerjak legacy. When the Dark Legion splintered in civil war, one side led by Lien-Da and the other by an Echidna who was revealed to be Lien-Da's nephew Remington, who lost his memory as a result of being held in Eggman's Egg Grapes. Finitevus became determined to bring Enerjak back to reunify the Legion and crush the Dingoes who had used the division to seize control of Angel Island with the aid of Doctor Eggman. Recruiting a group of criminals--the Destructix, Scourge the Hedgehog, briefly Rouge the Bat, and Fiona Fox--he managed to convince Knuckles' father Locke to give him custody of the Master Emerald so that Locke could search for the absent Brotherhood. Dimitri, reduced to little more than a head in a floating glass orb, resented Finitevus taking him apart to keep him alive, and soon left to warn the inhabitants of New Mobotropolis (which, at the time, included Knuckles) about Enerjak's return. Unfortunately, Finitevus didn't care for the former Enerjak, and in fact seemed pleased that another Echidna would be needed to take on the identity. Even when Lien-Da and her opponent Remington, whom Finitevus had promised the Master Emerald's power to, only to betray them, joined forces, the doctor pressed on and succeeded.

Enerjak on the Move

Dimitri's warning came too late; Knuckles had departed for Angel Island before his arrival and subsequently vanished, and the new Enerjak appeared before Scourge and Fiona, reborn through the Master Emerald's powers.

The new Enerjak's first act was to attack the Dingoes in their city of Cavem Canus. Easily defeating them, Enerjak banished them to the desert region of Sandopolis for their "crimes" against the Echidna people. In addition, Angel Island responded to his powers and began moving slowly towards New Mobotropolis for the purpose of continuing his campaign by striking at the Kingdom of Acorn. He was thought to be further supporting this strategy by blocking communications between New Mobotropolis and any other location on Mobius, though in fact it was the work of Dr. Robotnik, and Sally Acorn only managed to contact Rouge the Bat in Station Square for aid. Enerjak then met the combined forces of the Flame and Frost Legions, and not only defeated them, but restored them to their normal Echidna forms-causing their cybernetic implants to disappear. With the exception of Lien-Da and a few others who rejected the idea of being returned to normal, the rest of the Legion-along with almost every Echidna on Angel Island-were transported to Albion. Enerjak then appeared in New Mobotropolis, where a vengeful Julie-Su tried to attack him. But Enerjak thwarted her attack, and revealed that her desire to avenge Knuckles had no basis, because Knuckles... had become Enerjak.

The truth of what happened was revealed by Knuckles' mentor Archimedes, who observed Knuckles' transformation into Enerjak. When Knuckles arrived on Angel Island, he was subdued by the Destructix and turned over to Dr. Finitevus, who explained that Dr. Robotnik's attacks had wiped out 90% of the Echidna population. Furious, Knuckles flung himself at the Master Emerald, intent on using its power to avenge his fallen people. Finitevus quickly took advantage, convincing him that only one being, Enerjak, was capable of wielding the Emerald's power, and only by becoming Enerjak could Knuckles avenge the wrongs done. Archimedes desperately tried to intervene, but Finitevus' influence and the powers of the Master Emerald prevailed, and Knuckles was transformed.

StH 182 Jumping-Jak

Sonic taunting Enerjak.

Because he possessed Knuckles' now-twisted personality traits, Enerjak set out to cleanse the world of technology as he worked to bring about peace. His extreme methods shocked Knuckles' friends, particularly the artificial intelligence Nicole, and had Julie-Su begging him to stop his campaign. Despite her reminding Knuckles of his previous failed use of his own Chaos powers, Enerjak remained firm in his resolve to force peace upon his friends. He attempted to do so by reverting Julie's bionic implants back into organic material, but was interrupted by Sonic the Hedgehog's return. Sonic and Tails had just returned from their mission on Angel Island to search for Knuckles, where they had narrowly missed engaging Enerjak by themselves. However, after Sonic's initial surprise attack, he was unable to face Enerjak alone, and was fortunately saved by the arrival of GUN's newest agent Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow faced off against Enerjak, removing his power inhibiting rings, but could only match him alone for a short while. It was then that Dr. Eggman arrived and teleported Enerjak into one of his newly built Egg Grapes, which were now modified specifically for Enerjak, and were prepared after learning of the threat from Sonic. Planning to use Enerjak's power for his own ends, Robotnik even remarked that he had
Shadow using Chaos Blast on Enerjak

Shadow attempting to stop Enerjak.

fulfilled his part of the bargain by getting rid of Enerjak.

Little did Enerjak know that another threat existed to his power; Locke, Knuckles' father, had recruited Sonic and Julie-Su for the grim task of using a weapon created by the Brotherhood of Guardians to eliminate Enerjak's threat-and Enerjak himself. While the trio faced the Destructix in order to obtain the weapon, Enerjak recovered from the shock of being captured by the Egg Fleet and broke free of the Egg Grapes, decimating New Megaopolis with his sheer power. Robotnik's ground forces and the Egg Fleet itself were destroyed, and the tyrant-along with Snively Kintobor and Dimitri, the latter of which had come hoping to depower Enerjak before he could escape-fled to an underground bunker. Drained of power, Enerjak made his way back to Angel Island, seeking Dr. Finitevus' aid. Unfortunately for the duo, Sonic-having just deliberately destroyed the Brotherhood weapon-arrived and tapped into the Master Emerald, using its power to transform into Super Sonic for a showdown with his old friend.

Super Sonic Vs Enerjak and Aftermath

Enerjak and Super Sonic began their battle, a display of raw power so great that it could be seen not just on Angel Island and in New Mobotropolis, but in Albion as well, fight was very powerful that it could destroy whole Mobius in process. Super Sonic held up well against Enerjak's assault at first, taunting him with the usual banter and doing his best to bring out Knuckles' old self. These efforts proved futile, as Dr. Finitevus had "locked" the hex placed on Knuckles, making it so that only the sacrifice of someone's life could break the spell, when it was only way to stop Enerjak's rampage. Julie-Su and Archimedes were both willing to do so, but it was a guilt-stricken Locke who finally took on the responsibility while the other two fought off Finitevus. With the spell broken, Knuckles was returned to normal when Super Sonic purged him of Enerjak's spirit, making the demigod cease to be once again. (StH: #184)

Despite his freedom from the Enerjak persona, Knuckles remained guilty over his actions while in this form. This guilt leads him to briefly isolate himself from the Chaotix and the other surviving Echidnas, as well as making apologies to General Von Stryker for the death of his son and the destruction of Cavem Canus. Knuckles is also driven to act against the Dark Egg Legion, who turned to Dr. Eggman after Enerjak removed their cybernetic implants. Eventually, Knuckles' regret over his time as Enerjak even led to tension in his romantic relationship with Julie-Su. Later, he was surprised to learn from Finitevus during a battle between them that he and Dimitri were only the latest in a series of Enerjaks.

Knuckles the Echidna (Dark Mobius)

Descent of the Guardian

Alternate Enerjak

Future Knuckles as Enerjak.

Enerjak would be reborn again through Knuckles the Echidna in an alternate future called Dark Mobius. In this alternate timeline, the meeting between Dimtri, the High Council of Echidnaopolis, and the Mitre went well, even though the assassination attempt still happened. Things resolved peacefully with the Dark Legion welcomed back into society, but Knuckles noted the talks just continued while he recovered on the floor. Instead of getting him medical aide, they used his "death" as a point of debate. Peace may have been made, but Knuckles thought that the wrong people were handling it. He believed that, as the Guardian, he was better suited to the task with his power and training, and change was required.

As time passed, Knuckles felt the peace brokered under Dimitri was a farce since there was still a divide between the former Legion and original citizens. It was at that point that he took over the Dark Legion and absolved the High Council in order to simplify the situation and unify the entire populace as one collective under him. As a sign of his sincerity to the old legionnaires that he wanted to bridge the gap, Knuckles even had his right eye replaced with a cybernetic implant. Despite this, Knuckles found himself wondering why others around him could not agree with his decisions and began to think about how whenever he did something right, everyone pointed out he was being foolish, dating back to his attack on Sonic and Tails when he thought that they were invading the island, him tapping into the powers that his father gave him, and the situation with the Legion and High Council.

Knuckles then began to think that Sonic was jealous of him for taking out their universe's version of Dr. Eggman easily when Sonic had been trying to for years, as well as Sonic just wishing that he was as powerful as Knuckles. He thought that it must have been something in the air, since the Brotherhood was getting uppity too. He had to put Spectre through a wall after the unification with the ex-legion, which he then reconsidered it as the ex-ex-Legion. The Dark Legion was his army at that point, and they were going to set things right across Mobius. If the Brotherhood and his friends didn't want to be part of the solution, then he would treat them like part of the problem.

Julie-Su was gone. Part of Knuckles wanted to say, "What's one more betrayal?" but her leaving hurt him a lot. He didn't understand it, since she was with him when he simplified things between the Dark Legion and everyone else as well as being with him on vaporizing Eggman. Even though she had her doubts, she supported him. He thought that maybe he was not around enough for her, but he was trying to make Mobius a better place. He had to fight everyone to get anything done. Even the Dark Legion was starting to get on his nerves. He felt that surely she understood that he was a busy Guardian. Then he thought that maybe it was because she was getting round across the middle, yet he thought she was beautiful, regardless of if she put on a few pounds. He figured that he would look for her later, since he had a resistance to quell.

Knuckles thought that he could rest and concentrate on strengthening his second-sight in his chambers, but Remington surprised him with a bomb. Knuckles; however, was powerful enough that the explosion didn't do anything to him. He then thought that he was officially on his own. Julie-Su ran off with his daughter, but he didn't know where to. He thought that his spies were pathetic, and the Chaotix had openly turned on him. The Dark Legion was starting to show signs of descent, and he was fighting most of his battles alone. He didn't see it as too much of a bad thing, though, as fighting entire armies single-handedly was about the only fun he had at that point. He had been thinking that the title, "Guardian," didn't really suit him anymore, as he saw it as too small in scope. According to him, he was not just protecting Angel Island anymore, but he was fixing the world. He thought that a man of his kind of power and vision needed a better title. Although "Enerjak" had some negative connotations, he deemed it fitting, guessing that he could fix that along with everything else, and he started to like the sound of "Enerjak the Hero."

The Unstoppable Force

After becoming corrupted by his own increasing power, he took on the title of Enerjak. With the Dark Legion and their capitol city of Nekronopolis under his command, his conquest spread to the rest of the world. He became so powerful that at one point, he was outnumbered by hundreds of G.U.N. warships and single-handedly sent their fleets to the bottom of the sea. It was known as Operation: Night Fire and was lead by that universe's version of Commander Abraham Tower, the chief executive of the Guardian Units of the Nations. The objective was a pre-emptive strike against the perceived threat of the individual known as "Enerjak." The aggressive moves by Enerjak and his forces, the Dark Legion, were likely to threaten the sovereignty of the United Federation's city-states within the next two years. The operation was to remove the threat of Enerjak, disrupt the Dark Legion's ability to wage war, and slow attempts by the Dark Legion to recover from its losses. It's forces consisted of G.U.N. Navy (all available ships, aircraft, and crew), G.U.N. Air Force (flying flagship G.U.N.A.F. Gilgamesh, 30 Osprey-class long range bombers, and 150 Hawk-class fighter jets), and their universe's version of Team Dark (all seven members were present). The Operation Synopsis was as follows: A G.U.N.N. rendezvous within firing range of Angel Island at 0500 hours, G.U.N.A.F. beginning assault on Angel Island's surface while Team Dark is inserted and moves to the Hidden Palace to secure the Master Emerald at 0530 hours, Enerjak arriving and beginning his counter-assault with a delay being attributed to intelligence that he was based in Soumerca at the time of the attack at 0545 hours, the entirety of G.U.N.A.F. forces were destroyed at 0550 hours, the entirety of G.U.N.N. forces were destroyed at 0555 hours, Team Dark reported all resistance in Hidden Palace Zone had been neutralized at 0600 hours, and finally, Team Dark reported the Master Emerald was secured with that report being immediately followed-up with reports that they had engaged Enerjak at 0615 hours. That was the last communication with Team Dark.

A third of G.U.N.'s military was lost, their premier special operations unit was lost, and aggressive behavior was expected to increase. Commander Tower reported all of this to the President of the United Federation, and it was with great shame that he had to report it was an unmitigated disaster. At that juncture he recommended a political approach where in the United Federation publicly branded the attack as unsanctioned and to paint himself as a rogue agent while he took the role of the scapegoat and, hopefully, bore the brunt of Enerjak's retaliation rather than the rest of the nation. He finished his report with his sincerest apologies.

While all of this was going on, the Freedom Fighters, lead by Julie-Su and Lara-Su, were developing plans of their own. Sally Acorn was out looking for the Sword of Acorns and making alliances, but Sonic the Hedgehog had another plan, which he discussed in a letter to her to let her know what was going on. Although he did not trust Mammoth Mogul, he believed that he also wanted to stop Knuckles, and so they formed an alliance. Amy Rose and Miles "Tails" Prower already had leads on a couple of the Chaos Emeralds, and, with Mogul's help, they planned to get all seven together in a couple of weeks. They succeeded in obtaining the seven gems, and Sonic was able to become Super Sonic. In the end, Enerjak took the Chaos Emeralds so that his power would remain unrivaled, and he soundly crushed his opponents, including Super Sonic.

Eventually, Julie-Su had fallen during a raid, and Lara-Su began her search for the Sword of Acorns. Enerjak sank Downunda during his conquest because he either knew of the Sword of Acorns that was on the continent or the Freedom Fighters' plan to use it to drain his powers. He then used his powers to extract Cores from his victims, creating Prelate soldiers and used them to combat the Last Freedom Fighters. As time passed however, he seemingly got bored dectroying worlds and desired new challenges to keep his interest, and began to send his Prelates to scout other realities and locate ones that would prove entertaining for him to conquer.

The Final Battle of Enerjak


Dark Enerjak gloating

When Prelate-V arrived in 3437 P.X.E., it was followed back by Silver the Hedgehog. Watching upon a jewel-shaped screen from his lair filled with husks of his former enemies, Enerjak observed Silver fighting for his life and seemed rather intrigued by the hedgehog's psychokinetic abilities as he finished extracting the core of his latest victim, Remington. Once the hedgehog met and joined up with the remaining resistance members, he became even more enthralled in Silver's unique abilities and his story of coming from the future. Ultimately, Enerjak grew bored of the Freedom Fighters from this zone, who he had been using to entertain himself until then, and he proceeded to finally attempt to rid himself of them once and for all.

Approaching the hideout of the Freedom Fighters, which he apparently already knew of, he used his Chaos based powers to lift up the building. Once the Freedom fighters emerged, Enerjak used his powers again to stop and hold them in place, but they broke free after Silver overcame these powers and landed everyone to safety. Deciding to humor his opponents' bravado, Enerjak then summoned the cores of several Chaotix members to create Prelates and give the rebels a "fair fight." He also summoned Prelate-JS using the core of Jani-Ca's mother which he had been saving for a "special occasion," inciting the fury of the rebels' leader. During the battle, a large piece of rubble was tossed at Enerjak, which he easily broke apart with a single punch; however, it was a distraction with Silver waiting behind the rubble to trap Enerjak in mid-air using his own psychokinetic powers. Enerjak instead broke free of the hedgehog's hold and knocked him to the ground with ease, telling Silver that he had arrived just in time to witness his final victory over the Freedom Fighters.

Enerjak soon revealed to Silver why he sent his Prelate to Silver's time. His comment of whether or not Silver's world would have more "fun" beings like him only enraged the young hedgehog, causing him to rip up the top of the tower he stood upon; Enerjak easily recovered and smashed through the rubble. He then casually watched as the Freedom Fighters systematically destroyed the Prelates and Silver grabbed the resulting Cores, wondering why Jani-Ca still resisted him. He eventually applauded the rebels for their entertaining show of "such violence and drama." In response to Silver's taunt, Enerjak charged straight through the team, taking back his Prelates' Cores, and began adding the Freedom Fighters' to his collection one-by-one after Silver was smashed into the pavement and incapacitated. With only Lara-Su left, he taunted her about how she had become such a strong woman and how she had attempted to go back in time to save him once. During this, Silver broke loose from his confines, and attempted to strike the demi-god with a massive concrete fist; delighted at the promise of a terrific battle, Enerjak smashed through the fist and charged at Silver, thanking his young challenger for "giving this world the flashy ending it deserves."

Jani-Ca becomes Enerjak

Knuckles having been drained of his Chaos Powers

Charging at each other, Silver, in a rage, threw large pieces of rubble at Enerjak, who easily disintegrated them. Asking if it was his turn now, Enerjak resumed his charge at Silver, who then used his powers to throw him through the face of his statue and off of Angel Island. Remarking that he was rather fond of the statue, Enerjak said that throwing him was nothing compared to him hitting Silver with the island, which he then did, much to Silver's shock. Enerjak then proceeded to summon an army of Prelates, which nearly overwhelmed Silver had it not been for Jani-Ca coming to his rescue. With Jani-Ca fighting the Prelates, Silver turned his attention back to Enerjak. Enerjak would then be trapped by Silver in a psychokinetic bubble and be dragged across the entire island by him before Silver would throw him at the island itself. Though Silver assumed that he had killed him, Enerjak would unexpectedly reappear behind him and remark how "rude" it was of Silver to scuff his helmet. Enerjak would then throw Silver against the pavement and mock him for not being powerful or skilled enough to stand against him. As Enerjak was about to strike the final blow, Silver, recalling a number things he was told by Mammoth Mogul and Edmund, realized that he could not match Enerjak in power and instead began using his psychokinesis to redirect Enerjak's chaos energy blasts back him. Enraged, Enerjak would keep attacking Silver blast after blast, which Silver would keep on deflecting whilst remarking that Enerjak could still fix a lot of the damage he had caused. Enerjak, however, remarked that the only mistake he had made was not having crushed Silver sooner, and began charging at him. However, Jani-Ca suddenly jumped in front of Silver, stun Enerjak with the Sword of Acorns' magic, and recite a variant of Tikal's Prayer to drain his power in a flash of light. As the light faded, Enerjak was reduced to a withered, old man and Jani-Ca, unexpectedly, had become the next Enerjak. Knuckles would attempt to convince Jani-Ca to give him back a little of his power, claiming that she had taken too much, supposedly so that he could get back on his feet and help her rebuild. However, Jani-Ca did not fall for his deception and destroyed the sword so that he would never be able to regain his powers. As Silver started departing, Jani-Ca gave him her word as Guardian that she would use her powers to restore her world, remaining hopeful that she could restore Knuckles as well, to which Silver wished her good luck before disappearing in a flash of light


Main article: Jani-Ca

The Last of the Resistance


Jani-Ca as Enerjak, "Jani-Jak"

Jani-Ca (at the time she was known as Lara-Su) and her mother, Julie-Su, soon became part of a much larger resistance; they organized what became an army of Freedom Fighters and were nearly successful in taking down Knuckles, who at this point had assumed the mantle of Enerjak, but he crushed the resistance shortly after with the added power of the stolen Chaos Emeralds. Scarlette Rabbot brought Lara-Su the news one morning that Julie-Su was gone due to a raid gone bad. Numb from the shock, a day passed with her just staring at the walls, though she believed she cried at some point, unable to remember when. With her mother gone, she was officially in charge and renounced her name to cut all ties to Enerjak, something she could not bring herself to perform in front of her mother. Eventually Lara-Su took on her old alias of "Jani-Ca", and was left with just a handful of allies.

At some point, Cutlass Depardieu informed Jani-Ca of their world's version Sir Charles Hedgehog, and arranged a meeting for him with her. Reading Cutlass' letter of introduction, she took into account Charles' poor self-presentation and temperament as it went on to mention that he was amazingly brilliant and knew of a medical technique that was sure to save some lives for the greater good, particularly Blockbuster, who had presumably been injured and was in need of Charles' Roboticizer.

Leading the remaining Freedom Fighters, Jani-Ca continued to fight against Enerjak and his Prelate army, which she started by following up on Julie-Su and Elias' request to obtain the Sword of Acorns. Jani-Ca hired her world's version of Nack the Weasel to find the Sword of Acorns for her, balking at his exorbanant finder's fee, but agreed to it regardless. When she next heard from Nack, it was through a letter he sent claiming that he had found the Sword on Downunda at great personal risk, which made his rate triple. Following Nack's instructions, Jani-Ca got the money together by the end of the month for delivery at the agreed spot, and Nack upheld his end of the bargain. With the Sword of Acorns now in hand, Jani-Ca was able to form a plan; to ambush Enerjak when he dropped his guard and use the Sword to drain away his power.

Confronting Enerjak

When her team discovered someone being attacked by the Prelates, Jani-Ca's team moved in to save him; the would-be victim turned out to be Silver the Hedgehog, who had traveled from another reality following one of the Prelates. Silver and Jani-Ca got off to a rough start (due to him mistaking her for another reality's version of herself and using her old name), and she almost cut him down until Blockbuster intervened to allow the hedgehog to explain himself. After hearing Silver's story about how he was a time-traveler and met another Lara-Su, Jani-Ca accepted his story outright. She then had him accompany her team to their secret base and Jani-Ca explained their situation and plan to him while also briefly explaining that she believed his story from her own time-travel experience. However, they soon found themselves ambushed in their own base by Enerjak who claimed to have always known where they were and kept them around for entertainment value until Silver had arrived. Joining hands with the rest of her team, she told Demo to clear a path for them and was lifted out of the crumbling remains of their hideout by Silver, only to be captured in Enerjak's chaos energy. Jani-Ca was able to break free of his hold with the Sword of Acorns however, and remained defiant in the face of her corrupted father and his summoned minions. She became especially enraged when he revealed a new Prelate especially for her; one based upon her mother, whom Enerjak had rendered into a Core. As she engaged her new foe in attempt to hold it off with the rest of Enerjak's soldiers, Jani-Ca told Silver to help the others and leave her to fight her mother.

During her fight with Prelate JS, she spoke to it thinking that her mother might be able to somehow hear her from inside, promising that she would save her. Before Jani-Ca could deliver the killing blow though, Silver interrupted the fight, using hs power to freeze JS. Jani-Ca was furious as Silver had no right to intrude on a personal matter, but as he pointed out her team was losing and needed her, she agreed he was right and went to help Scarlette & Blockbuster in their battles with Prelates V & M. With the fight over, she destroyed the immobile JS so Silver could add her core to the others he rescued from Enerjak. Noting afterwards that the demigod had just been watching them and brooding for a while, she ordered her team to move until he aprroached, applauding their efforts. Jani-Ca realized Enerjak himself was about to attack and told everyone to scatter, but it was pointless as he quickly caught and removed the cores of each of them one at a time until just she was left. Even while in her father's grasp, Jani-Ca still defied him as he noted how much wasted potential she still had until Silver attacked him, causing Enerjak to let her go. She stayed back as Silver went to confront Enerjak in tremendous final showdown, and gathered up her friends' lifeless bodies. Promising to restore them soon, Jani-Ca turned to the battle at hand and waited to make her move.

Goddess Heritage

Jani-Ca then rushed to Silver's aide when he was overwhelmed by a horde of Prelates, and helped him fight their way through them until Silver was close enough to reach Enerjak. Telling Silver to go finish his fight with the demigod, Jani-ca turned her attention to dealing with the Prelates and held them off singlehandedly. Eventually she saw that Enerjak was completely focused on crushing Silver and quickly jumped in, stunning him with the Sword of Acorn's magic, and recited a variant of Tikal's Prayer to drain his power. Following a flash of light, Jani-ca was shocked to find that by taking Enerjak's power away from him, she had become the next incarnation herself as a demigoddess. With a quick test of her new powers she was able to summon her mother's core and realized she could restore everyone and rebuild Mobius. She then destroyed the Sword to prevent her father from regaining his power and offered to help Silver's world in thanks. He declined though, as he still did not know how things went wrong and she accepted that, saying she would not be Enerjak for long. She gave her word as Guardian that she would not miss this opportunity to save her world. She then wished Silver luck in his quest as he departed, remaining hopeful that she could restore her father as well.


Jani-Ca offering her help to Silver

Now as Enerjak, Jani-Ca began to think about how to repair the damage to Mobius and decided to first restore the cores to their owners. Though she would have rather stayed away from there, she went to the former Enerjak's abode, the Citadel where the Prelates came from. She felt it was still too soon to forgive Knuckles or regard him as her father again, but brought him with her as her only source of insight. With Knuckles guidance, she gained entrance by concentrating on wanting to go in, and they arrived at a small room with a throne. Hesitantly following his instruction to sit, Jani-Ca extended her will again and the ceiling vanished with the entire height of the spire, and every victim who had fallen to Enerjak, revealed to her.

Surveying all of the sad and frightened looking figures preserved by the magic that had robbed them of their cores, Jani-Ca stopped on one man in particular. Knowing him only through his legendary evil, she asked her father if it was Dr. Eggman, as she thought he had been vaporized. Knuckles confirmed it was Eggman, explaining he was not in complete control of his power then, and it took a great deal of experimentation to restore him since the doctor was the first person he stole a core from. As Jani-Ca learned the bodies were all preserved as far as Knuckles knew, but that he never restored a core to someone, she found herself not knowing where to begin or even how.

When Knuckles inquired, Jani-Ca affirmed her plan to restore the cores to their owners, but remained unsure if she could figure out how. Knuckles warned her that she could err without mastering her powers, and might destroy the body, the core, or both. She listened as Knuckles suggested he could coach her in the process, but when he mentioned doing so by example and sharing her powers with him, she silenced him with a look. At this point, a dark voice began to make itself known in her mind, whispering malicious ideas, but Jani-Ca ignored it as she knew that kind of thinking led to the misery she grew up in and refused to perpetuate it. However, she realized she would not be able to resist the whisper forever, and had to restore the cores and Mobius quickly.

Jani-Ca was still uncertain who she would try to restore first when Knuckles asked. As he suggested her mother, only to add that Jani-Ca would not start with her because she would not want to risk botching it and losing her forever, she seethed at his accuracy. She reluctantly nodded, but told him that she did not want any more sacrifices when he suggested using Dr. Eggman or another villain who would not be missed, nor that anyone else would be lost to his machinations. She then turned to a familiar face, Remington, and realized she never really knew him. She hated him in her childhood purely from principle, and his heroism only confused her as she grew up. Finally understanding that he had given everything to try to protect everyone, Jani-Ca believed he would have volunteered himself if he knew it could save the world. Hoping she was right and that Reminton could forgive her if she was wrong, Jani-Ca summoned a core and offered it to the body, softly begging him to please wake up.

Zone Jail

Enerjak's (Dark Mobius) knuckle claws are seen in the area were all of the Prisoners items are kept, meaning that Enerjak has become a prisoner at the Zone Jail.


Original Enerjak

Not much is known about the original Enerjak, but what is known is that he researched the Chaos Force alongside his wife, which got the attention of the Ancient Walkers and allowed them to acsend.


When Dimitri was in the role of Enerjak, he retained his genius but displayed a clear lack of respect for any other intelligent beings. Other beings were simply there to amuse him, which he was quite willing to do on a regular basis. He felt completely justified in all his actions, and was also arrogant and boastful.


The new Enerjak, imbued with the spirit through Dr Finitevus and his basic persona supplied by Knuckles, was similar to the original but with noticeable differences. While still brutal and unforgiving, he retained the feelings Knuckles had towards his closest friends and family-in particular, his love for Julie-Su and his compassion towards Constable Remington the latter of whom was first to be restored to a normal Echidna state in place of his Dark Legion parts, and restored his memory that was lost when he was trapped in the egg grapes. Rather than thinking as a conqueror, Knuckles/Enerjak sees himself as a deliverer, a bringer of peace to the people of Mobius, whether they like it or not. He also has Knuckles' general distrust of technology - no doubt born from years of living without it and fighting those who relied on it for power - blown completely out of proportion, in addition to thinking himself to truly be of divine nature and thus irrevocably in the right.

He sent thousands of Echidnas to the promised land of Albion - an act which, while theoretically benevolent, none of them asked for.

Although he started with good intentions and did help some of his friends and family, when he realised his friends didn't agree with tossing aside technology and coming to rely entirely on Chaos Energy, he decided the second best option was to do some good old fashioned purging with Chaos fire - which was what Finitevus had been counting on from the start.

Knuckles (Dark Mobius)

The alternate reality Enerjak shared many traits with Dimitri, though perhaps he is slightly more insane than his predecessor. This Enerjak was completely confident in his abilities and domination over his Mobius; the Alternate Freedom Fighters were merely playthings to keep him entertained, and he had sent his Prelates out to seek new worlds for him to conquer. Silver's arrival seemed to utterly fascinate him, and he appeared to be positively delighted at the prospect of a true challenge to his godlike power.


As Jani-Jak, Jani-Ca/Enerjak seemed much more kind and good-hearted, appearing to retain Jani-Ca's personality and desire for peace. She seemed to have no particular desire to retain that form, short of restoring the world as shown when she said "I won't be Enerjak much longer." She didn't wish to rule others, either, as the other three incarnations have, simply to fix the things her father destroyed. It is as yet unknown if she will successfully carry out these goals and relinquish her newfound powers when done.


Enerjak nb

The fourth Enerjak channeling the Chaos Force.

Enerjak's abilities are highly varied, if not endless: he is functionally a high degree of a nigh-omnipotent and all-powerful being, all derived from the use of the Chaos Force, and claimed that he could do anything by just thinking of it, making Enerjak's power limited only by the imagination of the current avatar, making him the most powerful being in Mobius to ever exist.

Abilities Enerjak displayed included teleportation, telepathy, mind control, levitation, control over matter and energy at a molecular level, electromagnetic pulse generation, size manipulation and super strength. He also commands a number of Chaos-based attacks, including the Thunder Arrow, a technique similar to Shadow's Chaos Spear. He can also use high scale of reality-warping to force things more to his own like. One of his favored methods of subduing any enemy or attacker is to restrain them with an energy field, leaving them helpless-and forcing them to listen to his tirades.

These abilities make Enerjak seem somewhat similar to various super forms attained by other Mobians, though the form itself has more in common with Chaos Knuckles, a similar state of being reached by Knuckles. Like Chaos Knuckles, Enerjak is permanent so long as no extenuating circumstances-such as death or being subjected to a magical artifact or siphon device-result that drain Enerjak's powers and reduce him to whoever he was before becoming Enerjak.


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