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Quotation1 Only the searchlight can reveal Espio the Chameleon. Face him and get to goal in time. Quotation2
Sonic Generations In-game description[1]

Espio: Master of Camouflage is fifth and final Challenge Act for Speed Highway Act 2 in Sonic Generations, as well as the first challenge act in which Espio the Chameleon appears. As it is an Act 2 Challenge Act, it is playable only as Modern Sonic.


In this Challenge Act, Espio the Chameleon travels through Speed Highway Act 2 with Modern Sonic. The player must run through the course as usual, except at certain intervals, Sonic is halted by Espio. The area is closed off by barriers, and Espio turns invisible by using Ninja Arts: Camouflage. Sonic must dodge the shurikens that the chameleon hurls at him and make his way to the searchlight in the enclosed area. In order to turn the searchlight and hopefully expose Espio, Sonic must either Homing Attack or Spin Attack at the searchlight. Should the searchlight's beam pass over Espio, he will materialize, acting stunned. The player has a limited amount of time to attack Espio, who is knocked down and disappears. If Espio is not attacked in time, he turns invisible once more and the process repeats. Once the player reaches the Goal Ring, the mission is completed and he/she is ranked according to his/her time taken to complete the mission.



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