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Eternal Engine

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Eternal Engine is the thirteenth stage in the Hero storyline of Sonic Adventure 2. This is Tails' fifth and last playable stage and the heroes' first venture inside Space Colony ARK.


Tails' mission is to navigate through ARK and find the colony's power generator and destroy it so Sonic can place the fake Chaos Emerald in the Eclipse Cannon.


The primary gimmick in this level is that of dynamite hatches. Where as in other stages, dynamite is used to perform useful demolitions, shooting dynamite in this stage results in the creation of a vacuum field that attempts to suck Tails out into space from close range and succumbing to the field results in loss of life. The dynamite packs are also attached to platforms, which destroyed make the navigation much more difficult. Tails must avoid destroying these dynamite hatches. Tails also must destroy many G.U.N. enemies.

Level Up Item

Tails' Bazooka Level Up Item is located here. It will allow him to break the steel containers.


  • In the Biolizard report that Rouge supplied to Shadow in Dark Mode, an "eternal engine" was mentioned as working normally with the Biolizard. Whether there is a connection between the stage "Eternal Engine" and the Biolizard other than a similar name isn't revealed.


Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Eternal Engine02:53

Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Eternal Engine


Sonic Adventure 2- Eternal Engine Mission -1 - A Rank HD06:56

Sonic Adventure 2- Eternal Engine Mission -1 - A Rank HD

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