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Quotation1 My stories only end when I stop running! Quotation2
Excalibur Sonic, Sonic and the Black Knight
Excalibur Sonic
Excalibur Sonic
First appearance

Sonic and the Black Knight

Game appearances
Transformation overview

Sonic the Hedgehog

Cause of 

The four sacred swords

Real-world designer(s)

Sonic Team

Voice actor(s)
Voice actor(s)

Jason Griffith

Voice actor(s)

Junichi Kanemaru

Physical description
  • Gold and silver colored armor with magical properties
  • Excalibur
  • Red cape
Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • Flight
  • Swordsmanship
  • Enhanced super strength
  • Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Super speed
  • Energy projection
Moves and techniques

Excalibur Sonic's Soul Surge

Excalibur Sonic (エクスカリバーソニック Ekusukaribā Sonikku?), also written as Excalibur-Sonic, is one of Sonic the Hedgehog's transformations, appearing in Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonic assumed this form by the power of the transformed Caliburn and the three sacred swords. He is playable in the final battle against the Dark Queen, an enhanced form of Merlina the Wizard.


Unlike most of Sonic's other known transformations, Sonic himself does not receive any physical transformation. Instead, he dons shining golden armor covering his entire body (except for his tail), and he carries Excalibur in his right hand. A red cape runs down the back of his armor.

Powers and abilities

In this form, Sonic is renowned as the ultimate Knight, suggesting a high level of skill and power.[1] He has increased strength, allowing him to deflect the large and massive sword strikes from the Dark Queen, and the ability to fly, along with the ability to use his own Soul Surge attack. He also gains a move similar to his Quick Step, allowing him to roll to the right or left to evade attacks. His attacks are also more close-combat based, as opposed to the boosting and energy moves that Super Sonic uses. In addition, Excalibur has the power to deflect projectile attacks with a properly timed swing. His most powerful attack in this form, is where he is thrusting Excalibur directly through his opponent, while enveloped in a golden energy orb, making him resemble a golden meteor.


  • "Heh! Let's do this!" - Excalibur Sonic about to battle Merlina, as the Dark Queen.
  • "What good is a world that goes on forever? That sounds pretty lame." - Sonic stating his reason to defy Merlina, just before battling her.
  • "Argh! Dodging to the right or left's the only way." - Sonic during the boss battle.
  • "Nah, it's not gonna end. My stories only end when I stop running!" - Sonic response when Merlina asks him, if he wants to see the Arthurian realm come to an end.
  • "Good, 'cause I don't ever want to know such one-sided sadness." - Sonic's response to Merlina when she proclaims her sadness about the kingdom's future.
  • "Heh heh! My trusty sword's gonna teach you a lesson." - Sonic backing up one of Excalibur's quotes.
  • "Yeah, it was a shocker for me too!" - Sonic explaining his reaction to Caliburn's transformation.
  • "I already told you, I don't mind playing the bad guy every once in a while." - Sonic reminds Merlina of his earlier statement in the game.
  • "What I can't understand is how you can call such a boring sounding place 'magnificent'." - Sonic telling Merlina his thoughts about her ideal kingdom.


  • Excalibur Sonic is the first transformation where Sonic's fur does not change color. He has golden armor in this form, while in all others his fur changes color.
  • Unlike the super transformation, Excalibur Sonic does not need Ring energy to sustain his transformation and does not lose rings as time passes. Instead, he starts out with 100 Rings and loses 20 Rings for each hit.
  • Excalibur Sonic may not even be Sonic's transformation, but Caliburn's, because Sonic is only in a golden suit of armor, while Caliburn looks indistinguishable from his appearance in the rest of the game. Also, Sonic did not absorb anything to transform and is not invincible.
  • Jazwares did not make a figure of Excalibur Sonic until more than three years after Sonic and the Black Knight was released.
  • The armor seems to be flexible because Sonic's quills seem to wave.
  • Coincidentally, there's a red jewel on the middle of Sonic's forehead. Merlina also wears a red jewel on her forehead and both of them are empowered by Excalibur.



  1. Sonic Team (March 13, 2009). Sonic and the Black Knight. Nintendo Wii. Gallery. Vault 1. [Excalibur-Sonic and Excalibur] "Behold the golden light and mighty grandeur! The ultimate Knight, Excalibur-Sonic!"

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