Plasma Cannon 2, the seventh extra stage in Sonic Forces.

Extra stages, also referred to as EX Stages or Advanced Stages, are seven additional, optional stages in Sonic Forces. Being unavailable at the beginning of the game, extra stages can be unlocked by collecting Red Star Rings. Finishing an extra stage will reward the player with extra Avatar items and bonus experience for the Avatar.


Extra stages operate according to the same gameplay mechanics used by regular stages in Sonic Forces. They also follow the same objectives (reaching the goal within a time limit). However, each extra stages is much shorter than a regular stage. Like secret stages, they are also always played from a 2.5D perspective and each of them puts an uncommon emphasis on a particular gimmick or obstacle during their playthroughs, such as Sprinklers or cannons that shoot hazardous projectiles. However, extra stages are much tougher to complete than secret stages. The majority of the routes the player travels along in an extra stage are likewise different from those in regular stages, having been constructed from the ground up with additional plaforms and basic building blocks, such as unbreakable Containers.


An extra stage's Stage Target on the World Map.

Extra stages are unlocked after the player collects a certain amount of Red Star Rings that coincide with the amount in the Challenge Missions. The area on the World Map (the stage select screen) where the respective extra stage is located determines its landscape. Completing all the extra stages pushes Team Sonic's occupied territory on the World Map past 99.9 percent and all the way up to 119.9 percent, though this does not erase Team Eggman's remaining 0.1 percent. It is also worth noting that only Sonic the Hedgehog and the Avatar are playable in the extra stages. Shadow the Hedgehog also becomes playable in the extra stages if the player has downloaded Episode Shadow.

SFTrophies 13

On the World Map, the Stage Targets (the markers that indicate a stage's position on the World Map, along with the available character for the stage and the player's current ranking for it) for extra stages are marked with a five-pointed star.

List of extra stages

Nr. Name Area Character Unlocking requirement
1 Flying Pod Green Hill Sonic/Shadow Collect 25 Red Star Rings
2 Bomb Block 2 Chemical Plant Avatar Collect 40 Red Star Rings
3 Laser Cannon 2 Metropolis Avatar Collect 55 Red Star Rings
4 Reverse Block 2 Green Hill Sonic/Shadow Collect 70 Red Star Rings
5 Vanish Panel 2 Mystic Jungle Avatar Collect 85 Red Star Rings
6 Fire Cannon 2 City Sonic/Shadow Collect 100 Red Star Rings
7 Plasma Cannon 2 Death Egg Sonic/Shadow Collect 120 Red Star Rings


  • Clearing all extra stages unlocks the "Sonic EXtreme" achievement/trophy.

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