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Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2

The F-6t Spider Troop Big Foot - Ground Air Combat Walkers is a boss in Sonic Adventure 2, a recurring enemy in Shadow the Hedgehog, and makes an appearance in Sonic X. It is a G.U.N. robot controlled by a soldier. It made its first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 as the first boss of the Hero Story. It is fought after City Escape.


The Big Foot is an anti-terrorist military fighter which has mechanical legs. It is equipped with missile pods and hover jets to take off vertically and a rotary machine gun.[1]


General Characteristics

  • Combat weight: 100,600 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • Full length: 16.0 ft.
    • Width: 10.2 ft.
    • Height: 18.1 ft.
  • Power Plant: GUN F-series Diesel Engine / Two GUN R-series turbofan engines


  • Road: 45 mph
  • Air: 96 mph


  • One M32 A-1 22mm Gatling gun
  • Two four AIM-120C Advanced Medium-Range air-to-surface Missiles

Crew: One


  • Chobham-type armor on glacis and turret and armored bulkheads between turret and engine
  • Depleted uranium armor in production
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression
  • Collective overpressure Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection
  • GVDR-1A radiological warning device

Games appearances

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, it appeared as a boss after completing the City Escape stage.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Big Foot itself does not appear. However, there are two variants of it that appear as regular enemies: the Big Foot Type A and the Big Foot Type B. These models are slightly darker in coloration with some silver outfit, and have very solid armor that is more powerful than R7's Both of these enemies are classified as Big Foot models.[2]


Hot Shot

Main article: B-3x Hot Shot

The Hot Shot is exactly the same as Big Foot, with the same weapons and capabilities. However, it also has an added lock-on laser its front. Hot Shot is deployed to fight Shadow when he was set free from stasis by Dr. Eggman.

Big Foot Type A

Main article: Big Foot Type A

The Big Foot Type A are the second strongest standard enemy belonging to G.U.N. following the F-gr Big Foot. In Shadow the Hedgehog, they carry Gatling guns which Shadow can pick up after he has defeated them. It's much stronger than the Sonic Adventure 2 variant, and takes many more homing attacks to defeat.

Big Foot Type B

Main article: Big Foot Type B

The Big Foot Type B is a variant that utilizing 8-Shot RPGs to attack the player, with it's AI being far more advanced than the F-6 variant, and appears only in the later levels, and because of such, it is one of the strongest enemies in the game, being G.U.N's strongest unit. After being destroyed, it drops a lock-on missile launcher.

R-1/A Flying Dog

Main article: R-1/A Flying Dog

The Flying Dog is basically the Hot Shot without legs. Without the walkers, Flying Dog remains hovering during its operation. It also has an improved defense, as it takes five strikes to destroy. When four strikes has been dealt, the Flying Dog simply stops using missiles and machine guns, and instead just launches the plasma cannon repeatedly. It was deployed on security hall against Rouge the Bat, who was stealing three Chaos Emeralds from the vault.


Boss guide

Big Foot begins by flying up and strafing the ground with machine- gun fire. It’s easily seen and he’s not moving very fast. Run in a wide circle to avoid it. After a few passes with the machine guns, Big Foot will land and the Missile bays will open. Predictably, Missiles shoot out at you. Again, run around the edge of the circle until the barrage stops. Try to time it so that you’re close to Big Foot when the bay doors close. As soon as they do, leap high in the air and Homing Attack on Big Foot’s cockpit. After the fourth hit, Big Foot collapses.

As an easier way to defeat the Big Foot in less than a minute, the player can jump on top of containers before it destroys them, and launch a Homing Attack into it.


Sonic Adventure 2- F-6t Big Foot -1080 HD-00:41

Sonic Adventure 2- F-6t Big Foot -1080 HD-

In other media

Archie Comics

GUN Squad Archie

Omega with several F-6t Big Foot, Gun Hunter, and Shield Hunter robots, from Sonic Universe #38.

The F-6t Big Foot robots have made several cameos throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. They had appeared during the brief attack by Dr. Eggman at Central City.

Sonic X

Main article: Big Foot (Sonic X)

In the anime series Sonic X, the Big Foot appeared in "Shadow Knows". After escaping the Gun Beetles, Sonic was confronted by a Big Foot. Sonic used his Spin Attack to defeat the Big Foot. Not beaten through, the robot fired several missiles at Sonic which he directed back at it, blowing the mech to pieces.


"Spider Troop Big Foot reporting to Headquarters. Intruder has been located."
—The Big Foot, Sonic Adventure 2
"This is Spider troop Big Foot. Big Foot to Headquarter over! Reengage the enemy and request backup!"
—The Big Foot, Sonic Adventure 2
—The Big Foot, Sonic Adventure 2


  • Big Foot is named after the legendary cryptid, the Bigfoot (or Sasquatch).
  • According to the official site for Sonic Adventure 2, the Big Foot belongs to the Scorpion troop.[1]
  • In the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, it is possible to finish the F-6t Big Foot with the Light Speed Attack in one go. In the GameCube version and digital re-releases of the game, however, the Light Speed Attack only deals one hit worth of damage when executed and then cancels itself.




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