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Fake Sonic

Fake Sonic

Fake Fighters are grayscale clones created by Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Fighters.



Robotnik creating the fake fighter with his vehicle.

These fighters are gray-scale clones of the characters that appear in the game, they are encountered during the story mode when a playable character reaches their respected stage, or when two players pick the same character in multiplayer mode. Upon reaching their home stage, Robotnik will appear in a UFO-like vehicle and zap the player(s) with a green ray, causing a gray-scale clone to fall out of the first player's character like a ghost, both characters will then be surprised by the other and begin to fight. These clones use the same exact move-set as the player and are completely alike to the character they originate from, the only difference being the black and white color.


  • In the original Sonic the Fighters, when Eggman clones an Eggman Robot, Metal Sonic, or himself, the clone is in full color.

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