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Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted

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"Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted" is the nineteenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. As the name suggests, it consists of two shorter stories, each approximately ten minutes long. It was written by Len Janson and Pat Allee and was first aired on 15 October 1994.

"Fed Up With Antoine"



Antoine is sent to Robotnik's lair to obtain a message from Uncle Chuck. He is caught by a Swat-bot but is soon saved by Sonic, who complains of Antoine's foolishness. Sonic asks for the message Uncle Chuck left but Antoine reveals he did not obtain it. Sonic states that if Antoine is "so cool" he could get back to Knothole alone and runs off. Antoine is seen trembling in fear but is tapped on the back by Sonic. Sonic holds Antoine in his arms to take him back to Knothole.

Back at Knothole the following morning, Bunnie is teaching Tails martial arts. Antoine appears and asks Bunnie to teach him martial arts too. Antoine performs poorly and "ticks Sonic off" but Antoine claims he's just jealous. Antoine leaves and eventually finds the Nasty Hyenas. They announce Antoine as their king. Antoine is taken to their camp site. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters search for Antoine only to find him with the Hyenas. Antoine refuses to return and announces he has quit from the Freedom Fighters.

Most of the Freedom Fighters are asleep when Sally asks Nicole for information on the Nasty Hyenas. Nicole states that they are a group who eat their king. Antoine is seen the following morning inside a large pot being prepared to be eaten. He complains the Hyenas are using pepper on him which he dislikes and refuses to be eaten. Sonic appears and saves Antoine from the Hyenas. A Hyena sneaks up on Sonic. Antoine jumps and kicks the Hyena using the martial arts technique Bunnie taught him and they escape.

Antoine is recounting his tale and shows the kick he performed on the Hyena. Bunnie thinks he did good but he insisted on doing better. He attempts the kick again but falls on Dulcy's foot. Dulcy, in pain falls over and wrecks the house with Sonic commenting "We should've let 'em eat him".

"Ghost Busted"

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Sonic takes Tails on a camping trip to train Tails to become a Freedom Fighter. When Sonic tells Tails a scary story, Tails get scared. Tails tells Sonic that something is out there. Later Sonic, Tails, and Antoine leave to go back to Knothole.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Надоедливый Антуан Annoying Antoine