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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #80

Group Overview and Statistics


and/or bases

Mysterious Cat Country


The Felidae are a tribe of Mobian cats that reside within the Mysterious Cat Country located in the southern hemisphere near Station Square. (StH: #81, #82, KtE: #23)


While there are numerous Mobian Cats which have since blended in with the other Mobian cultures, those that remain in the Mysterious Cat Country harbor their own unique culture and values. Having fought against the Knuckles Clan hundreds of year ago when a group of Echidnas leaving Albion attempted to settle in their territory, the Cat people have since been very distrusting of outsiders, particularly of echidnas. Due to this, after Angel Island fell into the ocean, a group of Cat warriors captured the Chaotix, as they felt they may attempt to invade their lands. (StH: #80, #82, #84, KtE: #12)

Despite hundreds of years having passed since the war with the Knuckles Clan, the Mysterious Cat Country natives continue to use primitive, pre-medieval level technology. They also have a monarchical-structured society, with a Queen as their leader. The native Cats also prefer not to speak "simply to hear [them]selves", limiting their use of dialogue to when it is necessary. Other aspects of their society include barbaric rituals, such as eating their young if they "get out of line", torturing hostages, and fights to the death to solve disputes. Their reigning champion in 3236 was Razorklaw, whom the tribe forced Locke to fight when he arrived to rescue the Chaotix. Razorklaw was defeated by the Guardian however, and Locke managed to persuade the Queen of his good intentions. (StH: #81, #82, #84)

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