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Final Chase

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Final Chase is the fourteenth stage in the Dark storyline of Sonic Adventure 2 and the fourth and last stage playable with Shadow. It represents Shadow's run through the ARK's underside to intercept Sonic after finding out he's alive and heading towards the Eclipse Cannon. It is the equivalent to Sonic's stage, Final Rush.


After finding out that he may not be the real Shadow and that Rouge is a government agent, Eggman informs him that someone is headed for the Eclipse Cannon. Shadow immediately heads out to destroy the intruder.

Stage layout

This stage consists of numerous rails but the main gimmick of this stage are "gravity cylinders." These cylinders have a magnetic pull that draws Shadow to them. They only allow one direction when running on them: up or down. Some parts of the stage completely consist of these gravity cylinders.

Level Up Item

Shadow's Mystic Melody Level Up Item is found here.


  • Two player mode has two goals, but by using cheats you can skip the first goal and eventually continue to race on the one player parts of the level.
  • Both Final Chase and Final Rush both have "final" in their name and both are the last stages of their storyline.
  • In the Shadow the Hedgehog video game, the stage The ARK was inspired by Final Chase.
  • The cutscene where Shadow discovers Sonic's survival omits Sonic's explanation of his survival to Shadow regarding his usage of a fake Chaos Emerald to generate Chaos Control.


Sonic Adventure 2 "Final Chase" Music Request02:49

Sonic Adventure 2 "Final Chase" Music Request


Sonic Adventure 2 - Final Chase04:47

Sonic Adventure 2 - Final Chase

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