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Final Rush

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Final Rush is the final stage of the Hero Storyline of Sonic Adventure 2. It takes place on the ARK in order for Sonic to reach the Eclipse Cannon.


After Sonic was blasted off in a capsule that was going to explode in minutes by Dr. Eggman, Sonic uses his fake Chaos Emerald that Tails had given him to use Chaos Control. He then warps on the ARK in front of Knuckles who just finished looking for the Master Emerald. Sonic tells Knuckles that he is going to continue with his mission of putting the fake Chaos Emerald in the Core.


The Final Rush is the equivalent to Shadow's Final Chase and features many grind rails suspended below the ARK's underside. The stage is also abound of Artificial Chaos and hornets making the stage more difficult to the player than the other stages in the Hero Story and with one difference from Final Chase that there is in the end rocks that chase the player. And therefore the player must be careful and collects Rings to earn an A Rank with ease.

Level Up Item

Sonic's Mystic Melody is found here. Grind down the Grind Rail after the sixth Point Marker to find two small platforms on the left side along the grind. Jumptoward the platform with a rocket. The rocket will take the player to another small platform. There, they have to jump to the small platform with a Spring in front of them. The Spring there will launch the player to a series of platforms, and on the top platform, is the Mystic Melody.


Collect 100 Rings

There are plenty of Rings in this stage, but to collect 100 Rings as quickly as possible, try to jump onto the more lucrative rails and aim for as many Item Boxes as possible.

Find the Lost Chao

After the fifth Point Marker, the player will stumble upon a long sole vertical Grind Rail with a Spring atop of it. This rail will lead to platform that has two rails coming out from it. Take the purple rail which leads to the Ancient Ruin. Play the Mystic Melody there to make two platforms appear up ahead. Jump onto the second platform, then grind up the purple rail in front of it. To gain some speed, the player needs to Homing Attack onto it. Follow the short path it leads to, and play the Mystic Melody near another Ancient Ruin to make a row of Rings appear. Light Speed Dash across them, grind down a series of vertical and horizontal rails, and the section where the lost Chao will finally come.

Reach the Goal within 5:00

While grinding rails, use crouch to build speed. Also, do not take time to attack enemies or go after Rings. Just launch forward as far as it is possible when jumping off of rails.

Clear Hard Mode

The first Artificial Chaos encountered in the stage now attacks, so jump from the rail and perform a Homing Attack on it, then another to home onto the nearby Spring to get back to safety. Additionally, some platforms are now farther apart, so the player has to use the Homing Attack on Item Boxes and vertical rails to reach them.

In the final room, there is a giant Weight besides two Artificial Chaos that cover the hole needed to get down. Destroy the Artificial Chaos on the right to reveal a switch that keeps the Weight suspended in air.

Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-16 18-27-25-904

Big the Cat in Final Rush.

While jumping from the Spring mentioned above in the "Find the Lost Chao" section, Big can be seen over a ledge when the player has reached the jump's apex. Big's location is not changed in Hard Mode.

Chao Containers locations

  • Towards the end of the stage's very first rail, there is another rail to the left. Jump onto it, and then onto a vertical rail ahead. From there, there is a platform above with a Spring that can be seen. Bounce from the Spring onto another platform that has a Dash Panel and another rail. Use the Dash Panel to grind up the rail, and then land on the other rail to the right. At the end of this rail is the first Chao Container.
  • The second Chao Container is tucked between two Wooden Containers on the platform just after the first Point Marker.
  • After the third Point Marker, the third Chao Container can be found among the containers on the platform before the long red rail.




Name Artist Length Music Track
Highway In The Sky ...for Final Rush Jun Senoue 2:59
Highway in the sky


Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Final Rush Mission 1 A Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Final Rush Mission 1 A Rank

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Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Final Rush Mission 4 A Rank

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Sonic Adventure 2 (PS3) Final Rush Mission 5 A Rank

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