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The Fire Somersault is a more powerful version of the Somersault, which can only be used by Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog if they possess the Flame Ring. It has only appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


In order for Sonic and Shadow to use the Fire Somersault, each has to possess the Level Up Item called the Flame Ring, found in Crazy Gadget and Radical Highway, respectively. The mechanics between the regular Somersault and the Fire Somersault are identical, with the user performing a body flip and attacking with his feet. The difference, however, when performing this move, the user is enveloped in a fiery aura which amplifies the move's power greatly, thus allowing the user to break the metal containers found throughout the stages and other tough obstacles.


  • This Level Up Item is mandatory for Sonic, while optional for Shadow.
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