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Quotation1 A hidden item that unlocks goodies Quotation2
Sonic and the Secret Rings manual

Fire Souls are collectibles that appear throughout Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Fire Souls resemble red Rings on fire with a small emblem of a column of fire in their center.


There are a total of 126 Fire Souls in Sonic and the Secret Rings. Three Fire Souls are in each first, second, fifth, sixth, ninth and tenth missions in each world (not counting Lost Prologue). Collecting these unlock games, characters and other features in Party Mode:

  • #22: Aim! Big the Cat Crossbow Mini-Game
  • #28: Sink 'em! Pirate Ship Mini-Game
  • #12: Row! Canoe Race Mini-Game
  • #29: Reel! Battle Fishing New Character: Shadow the Hedgehog Mini-Game
  • #30: Thrust! Bone Knight New Character: Cream the Rabbit Mini-Game
  • #31: Cross! Balance Race Mini-Game
  • #37: Watch out! Trap Mini-Game
  • #32: Put it out! Big Fire New Attraction: World Bazaar Mini-Game
  • #33: Fly! Ptero-Rider New Character: Silver the Hedgehog Mini-Game
  • #34: Spin! Propeller Race New Character: Blaze the Cat New Option: Extreme Difficulty New Attraction: Final Adventure.


  • These items share a name with an attack used by Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the anime Sailor Moon.
  • One could say that the Fire Souls were the precursor to the Red Star Rings that were introduced in Sonic Colors.


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