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First 4 Figures is a UK company that manufactures high quality statues under license from some of the leading video game publishers.

Statues are in manufacture or under development from Nintendo's Legends of Zelda and Metroid Prime games whilst as well as Sega's license for Classic Sonic which has some high quality limited edition resins and a range of lower cost vinyl collectibles.[1]

5-inch Vinyl Figures

First 4 Figures released three Sonic Vinyl figures in 2009, based on the classic Genesis games. Each figure comes with a unique stand with the character's name printed on it.

5-inch Lineup

Large Models

They also released a 12-inch Sonic model that is retailed at 100 US dollars with their first set of figures. A Super Sonic has also been released, this one is 15-inch because of his spikes that are standing up. There are two versions available, a standard Super Sonic and a light-up version. The standard model is retailed at $139.99, whereas the light-up model is $159.99. There's also released the Modern Sonic model, and is based on Sonic Unleashed running pose.

Large Lineup

  • Sonic [2]
  • Super Sonic[3]
  • Super Sonic (Light Up)[4]
  • Metal Sonic [5]
  • Metal Sonic (Light Up) [6]
  • Knuckles[7]
  • Knuckles (Light Up)[8]
  • Tails[9]
  • Tails (Light Up)[10]
  • Modern Sonic [11]
  • Modern Sonic (Light Up)[12]
  • Shadow [13]
  • Shadow (Light Up)[14]

20th Anniversary Statue

To celebrate Sonic's 20th, First 4 Figures in cooperation with SEGA released a limited Sonic figure based on the anniversary artwork. Two versions of the figure have been made, each being identical except for the picture on the computer monitor. One depicts the artwork from the US box art of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), the other from the Japanese box art of the same game.[15]

2-inch Figurines

Brinquedos Antigos do Sonic

All six figures

First 4 Figures has also made a line of miniature figurines based on the original designs of the main Sonic characters. The first set were Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. On 23 July 2010, it was announced that attendees at the Summer of Sonic 2010 would receive a Metal Sonic figurine. This was the first time that the Metal Sonic figurine would be available anywhere in the world. Metal Sonic along with Super Sonic and Amy Rose were released as series 2. All six figures have been released in a large box set to commemorate Sonic's 20th Anniversary.[16] These figures have been released at retail in the United States by Jazwares both individually and all together in the six-pack.

Series 1 Lineup

Series 2 Lineup


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