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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Flame Core (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Flame Core (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Flame Core (Silver)

Flame Core is an Action Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog. Like Crisis City, the Action Stage occurs at least 200 years in the future, in a fire-filled timeline caused by Iblis' release. In Sonic and Shadow's stories, Flame Core hides a Chaos Emerald. This location is inhabited by Iblis type monsters and Mephiles the Dark monsters. Iblis is the boss to face afterwards. Mephiles is also fought here in Shadow's story, after Tropical Jungle.



After surviving Crisis City, Sonic the Hedgehog follows Shadow and Rouge to the depths of Flame Core, a volcanic wasteland that pulsates with deadly lava flows and eruptions. Sonic must negotiate the rivers of molten earth to find the heart of the volcano, where only the powerful Knuckles can help the hedgehog light a path through the darkness. As Sonic stabs deeper to the core, and after he engages in a fearsome showdown with one of Iblis’s many forms, he must figure out how to undo the time wrinkle made by Dr. Eggman’s terrible machine and return to the present to help Princess Elise. Hopefully, he can withstand the withering heat of the volcano long enough to connect with Shadow The Hedgehog, who may have the secret of bending time and space.

Sonic starts off outside the volcano then travels inside it. Sonic then fights Iblis Phase 2. After that he does a "Cross-Chaos Control" with Shadow to escape to the present.


Before he can return to his own time, Shadow must venture deep into the Flame Core and confront Iblis. Reaching the living flame is no easy task, as Shadow must fight through legions of fire monsters that obey Iblis’s every vicious whim. Not only must Shadow somehow defeat all of these minions, he must dive deep into the heart of an active volcano. Some of the lava tubes are bathed in darkness, so Shadow must defer to his partner Rouge the Bat to feel her way through the inky blackness and light a path to Shadow’s showdown with Iblis.

Shadow's version of the stage is slightly harder than Sonic's. He starts off outside the volcano, then goes inside. Shadow fights Iblis and Mephiles-type monsters. Afterwards he fights Iblis Phase 2. Then he "Cross-Chaos Controls" with Sonic, but then decides to stay behind and fight Mephiles. Shadow is later sent back to the present because he (along with E-123 Omega) follows Mephiles via a time warp.


Silver The Hedgehog and his friend Blaze have finally fought their way to Flame Core, the source of Iblis’s strength. The bubbling lava flows and raging rivers of molten earth are deadly to the touch, so Silver must harness his Psychokinesis to Levitate over the fires. Serpentine fire monsters and wild phoenixes put up a mighty defense for their master, the living flame. To succeed, Silver must push through the denizens of disaster and negotiate the blistering heat to locate Iblis’s lair. When he finally confronts Iblis, Silver has only minutes to defeat the monstrous force and alter his ruined future.

Silver starts off outside the volcano and goes inside it. Silver fights Iblis and Mephiles monsters. At the end of the stage he destroys a giant ball of flame, which is part of Iblis. Afterwards he goes on outside and fights Iblis Phase 3.


In the End of the World, Omega ventures here to find the green Emerald.

Very Hard Mode


In Sonic's Flame Core in Very Hard Mode, he actually starts out inside the volcano. He encounters Knuckles, like the original stage. However, when Sonic reaches the end of the volcano, there is a warp hole instead of a Goal Ring. This warp takes Sonic back to the beginning of the outside section of the stage, where he must get through more traps than the usual stage and reach the end of the outside section, where the Goal Ring resides.


Shadow starts out inside the volcano as well, but at the end of the stage. After making a comment about going upward, Shadow comes out of the final shaft that he usually runs down to finish the stage. Rouge then takes over and she needs to find keys to move on.

Silver Medal locations


  1. Once the player reaches the shuttle loop with three Dash Panels, choose the center one to gather the Silver medal.
  2. The first time the player runs on the side of the wall and get to the other side, use a Homing Attack on the three Iblis Takers to spawn another taker to use to reach up the trail of Rings. Light Speed Dash on the trail to go through the ring and collect the second medal.
  3. In the first platform of crowded Iblis Minions, the player must defeat them all, and go to the right side of the plateau to pick up the third medal along the narrow edge.
  4. After going through the second point marker and reaching the section of falling platforms, turn around and the player will see the fourth Silver medal floating in the air behind him.
  5. Slightly ahead of the fourth medal, the fifth one is in the center of the lava river.
  6. After the player has reached the third point marker, fall down using a spring to the platform below that has a trail of Rings. Use the Light Speed Dash on the trail of rings before the bridge collapses, but instead of hitting the next spring turn to the right and to see a Silver medal floating above a couple enemies and a caged spring.
  7. Inside the volcano section, use the Homing Attack on the Iblis Takers to a purple rail. When going around this rail, the player will see more Iblis Takers next to the seventh Silver medal.
  8. Once the player reaches the dark chamber, the eighth Silver medal hides in a wooden crate on the left side of the dark chamber. Jump up to the higher section then look to the left and to see a door, break the wooden container in front of this door to reveal it.
  9. Almost in the center of Knuckles' section, there is an Iblis Biter enemy on a platform. Defeat it to expose the ninth medal.
  10. Just before the Goal Ring place, the player will need to wipe all the four Iblis Biters clinging to the walls out of the way to make the tenth silver medal appear.


  1. Once the player reaches the shuttle loop with three Dash Panels, choose the center one to gather the Silver medal.
  2. Upon reaching the platform of two Iblis Biters and a Golem (whom appear after these two are destroyed), look behind to see the second medal exposed above the lava.
  3. After reaching the center dais with a huge pack of Iblis Minions, There is the third Silver medal hidden in a stack of crates to the right of the door, into the cave.
  4. Taking place from the third medal, move toward the first point marker and fall over the lava pool into a small foothold and look behind, to see the fourth medal hanged in the air.
  5. In the lava fall once the player has gone to the Cased Spring, destroy both the Iblis Worm and Iblis Biter to reveal the fifth medal over the lava fall.
  6. In the second center dais, once the player wipes all the Iblis Minions out, move around to see the sixth Silver medal exposed in the air over an explosion trap.
  7. Inside the volcano, instead choosing the side of the wall, turn to the left and jump up to the ledge to an area with Iblis Biters. Destroy them to open the guarded spring, to use the spring to send you right to the seventh Silver medal on top of a stone column in the middle of the lava river.
  8. After the dark room and crossing the point marker, use the spring in front of the player to land on a small foothold with Rings. Pick up all these rings to make several Iblis Takers appear above you to appear, leading to a purple rail with the eighth medal at the start of.
  9. In Rouge's section, glide into the left side of the room filled with a barrage of Stalkers. Then destroy the wooden Containers to reveal the ninth medal.
  10. At the very end of the stage, and once falling into the vertical shaft, use the Chaos Spears rapidly to descend slowly and make it to the center of the shaft below the Iblis Worms and explosion traps to see the final medal below you.


  1. During the first of the stage, jump across the platforms toward the Iblis Taker with Steel Container, there will be a PK mark on front of the player, activate it to make the platforms raise and quickly jump up toward it. At the highest raising platform, is the Silver medal ahead of the spring.
  2. After reaching and defeating the Golem and the Iblis Takers afterward, look for the second medal along the rock wall to the left of the Spring they were guarding.
  3. After the first point marker, upon reaching the first Hint Ring, turn back to spot the third Silver medal hanging in the air.
  4. In the center of lava river, it is located in the air. Use Psychokinesis to Levitate on a crate over the lava rapids, grab the medal, and then float back to safety.
  5. After unlocking the door to the pit with Iblis Takers and Iblis Worms, the Iblis Worm guarding the PK marker in front of the exit is the one hiding the fifth Silver medal.
  6. Inside the volcano, In the first dark room and on the PK mark that opens the door to the exit. The sixth medal is hidden under a Gazer.
  7. In the room with point marker, defeat all the enemies inside it to reveal the seventh Silver medal.
  8. In the second dark room, the player will see a Stalker above him on a platform, that to the left end of it, is the Silver medal. Use a PK mark to activate a platform that rises to the medal.
  9. On the second point marker, it is seen floating ahead of the player. Use PK mark to raise up platforms and reach it.
  10. After destroying Iblis' core, it is seen between the core's fragments.


  • There is a glitch in Sonic's Flame Core stage where you can finish his stage as Knuckles, by climbing a cornered wall and gliding, however to see his stage finish screen the player must hit the last checkpoint.
  • After destroying Iblis' core, the flames hazards in the stage will harden, but they will still hurt Silver.
  • Sometimes, during the flight to the volcano in Sonic and Shadow's version of this Action Stage, the volcano's spewed lava will hit the player, causing an unavoidable death.






Name Artist Length Music Track
Flame Core ~Volcano~ Tomoya Ohtani 3:09
Flame Core ~Volcano~
Flame Core ~The Cavern~ Tomoya Ohtani 3:14
Flame Core ~The Cavern~


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Flame Core (Sonic) 1080 HD05:29

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Flame Core (Sonic) 1080 HD

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic - Flame Core - Hard Mode (S-Rank)11:04

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic - Flame Core - Hard Mode (S-Rank)

Sonic the Hedeghog 2006 Flame Core (Shadow) 1080 HD06:16

Sonic the Hedeghog 2006 Flame Core (Shadow) 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 - X360) - Shadow Flame Core (Hard) - 3'48"238 (WR)04:14

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 - X360) - Shadow Flame Core (Hard) - 3'48"238 (WR)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Flame Core (Silver) 1080 HD-110:05

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Flame Core (Silver) 1080 HD-1

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - Flame Core - Hard Mode (S-Rank)17:29

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - Flame Core - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


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