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Flasher sprite Flasher Flasher sprite
Flasher 2
Flasher in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
(Only appearance)

Biographical overview

Dr. Eggman

Physical description


Color scheme

Black, red, gray, yellow



Alignment and character traits

Eggman Empire

Powers and abilities
  • Flight
  • Electrical Force-Field Generation

The Flasher (フラッシャー Furasshā?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is a Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.


Flashers are small badniks that exclusively appear in the Mystic Cave Zone where they float around. Most of the time they are located in corners, narrow routes and can even fly through walls. Unlike other certain enemies such as Whisps, they do not usually move around in groups. Their flying pattern is also rather erratic.

When Flasher stops in the one place after floating for three seconds, it will utilize its electric bulb to create a flashing barrier that makes it impossible to hit and causes the player to take damage if he/she touches it. Even when the player has obtained Invincibility or has gained invulnerability from taking damage, the Flasher stays invulnerable until it lowers its shield. With this ability, Flasher can block narrow routes. It is only until they lower their shield that the player can use the Spin Jump to destroy the badnik and release the animal inside of it.


Physical Appearance

Flasher sprite

Flashers are rather small badniks comparing to several other models. It has a small red head with two eyes and two antennae with two eyes that have black pupils. The upper part of its body is black, while the underside of its body is flat and has an electric bulb covering it.

Powers and abilities

The Flashers are capable of flight, allowing them to move through mid-air. They also possess the special ability to generate a completely impenetrable electrical force-field around themselves that can both any attack and as well electrocute those that make contact with it.

Apperances in other media

Sonic the Comic

Flashers have made several appearances in Sonic the Comic as part of Robotnik's badnik army. Usually flying on swarms, these badniks are first seen in Sonic the Comic #23's story "Pirates of the Mystic Cave", where they are possible led by Captain Plunder. Flashers attacked against Sonic and Tails at Mystic Cave Zone, who are come to rescue Amy Rose from Plunder and apparently chose the wrong tunnel. They are unable to defeat Flashers while getting shocked and faint. Moments later, Sonic and Tails found themselves from Plunder's hideout.

Flashers later return in Sonic the Summer Special, where three of them were forcing Sonic to retreat, who almost fell down to a spike pit, but gets recurred by Tails in the last second. In Sonic the Comic #46's "Enter the Cybernik", Robotnik sends single Flasher to seal an Emerald Hill folk mouse in and then sent along with several badniks to capture more residents from to Emerald Hill Zone. It was quickly defeated by Shortfuse the Cybernik before even using its electrifying power.


  • In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, an enemy named Hotaru is similar to Flasher, as both being firefly-type badniks and able to electrocute target with its weaponry.
  • In its artwork as shown in Sonic Jam, Flasher's name is misspelled as "Frasher".


Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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